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Free Minecraft Valentines Day Cards – 5 Designs Your Minecrafter Will Love

We’ve created 5 free Minecraft Valentines Cards Printables – perfect for your little Minecrafter!  

I’ve mentioned this before and it still holds true – my kids are obsessed with Minecraft. As I type this – my son is on the PC playing, another on the iPad and then another on the Xbox upstairs. Oh, and my husband — he is playing in his office.

free minecraft valentines cards print
free minecraft valentines cards print

This is a nightly ritual so when I saw that Valentine’s Day was approaching, I knew I needed to create these because I am pretty sure that I am NOT alone when it comes to a Minecrafting house!

Just added! We have added our Among Us Valentines Day Cards.

Free Minecraft Valentines Day Cards

Here are 5 free printable designs featuring some Minecraft favorites. There are 2 sides to each of our Minecraft Valentines Day cards.

backside of free minecraft valentines day cards
backside of free minecraft valentines day cards

This Minecraft printable is setup in 10 PDFs. The first page is the Minecraft Vday card with Valentine design. The next page has the back so that you can easily print cards on both sides.

  • Be Mine
  • You Have a Heart of Gold
  • I Dig You
  • Redstone are Red. Diamonds are Blue. Minecraft is Cool and so are You.
  • You Make My Heart Explode

Download Minecraft Vday Cards

Perfect for that Valentine’s Day card exchange in the classroom.

These free Minecraft Valentines Day card printables are FREE, easy to make (no crafting!) and your kids will love these – or at least I hope!

free minecraft valentines day printable cards
free minecraft valentines day printable cards

Just enter your info above and we will direct to the 5 FREE printable Minecraft Valentines cards for printing. BONUS – you will get access to all of our free printables!

Easy, peasy – right? How many easy things do us moms get, NONE – well maybe with this we can count it as one!

Tips for Printing Minecraft Valentines Cards

A few tips. Print these Minecraft cards on card stock. This will give you a more durable card. Buy in card stock paper in bulk on Amazon to save.

minecraft valentines print tips
minecraft valentines print tips

Make sure to print the back side of the card and have your child sign it! Either re-run through your printer or if you have a duplex printer, set to print the Minecraft Valentines on both sides of the paper.

Use a paper cutter for precise cuts. This paper cutter is under $10 and super handy for all your printing and paper craft projects.

From our Minecrafting family to your’s…. Happy Valentine’s Day Minecrafters!!!

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All Things Minecraft

Are your kids or family into Minecraft? Yep – so are we! The whole fam (minus the mom) are huge Minecrafters. Check out All Things Minecraft – here are a few of our favorite posts:

If you do end up using these, we would love to know! Give this post a share on Facebook and Pinterest! We appreciate it!

5 Free Minecraft Valentines Day Cards was originally posted in 2015.

Heather P

Tuesday 8th of February 2022

My son is also into minecraft. these are perfect for his individual treats for his friends. would you also be able to email me the image of the Be Mine Craft it would look great on his fire creeper valentine box.


Thursday 14th of January 2016

Thanks for the awesome Minecraft valentines. These are sure to be a hit with my son!! Would you be able to email me just the image of the Be Mine Craft so I can print this one out for my son? Thanks so much!!

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