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Five Below – Where Your Kids Will Spend Their Allowance

A few months ago, my observant sister-in-law noticed a new store called Five Below being put in close to our house.  She asked what it was, I had no idea. I peeked through the windows, but at the time – all I could see was construction workers doing their thing. Life went on and as fate would have it, Five Below emailed and asked it they could send me a package and introduce me to their store. Sure. Seeing I had no real idea what this place was, and was curious – send it on.
Fast forward, the package arrived and let’s just say I had giddy kids jumping up and down. Do these children not get that this is MOMMY’S STUFF? Okay, fine – take it – you take everything else. Five Below

Five Below Stores

five below stores

So what is Five Below? As their tagline says…. hot stuff. cool prices.

Five Below, Inc. is the leading retailer of trend-right, extreme-value merchandise to the teen and pre-teen market – all for $1.00 to $5.00.

Five Below’s dynamic assortment of merchandise includes everything from sporting goods, games, fashion accessories and jewelry, to hobbies and collectibles, bath and body, candy and snacks, room décor and storage, stationery and school supplies, video game accessories, books, dvds, iPhone accessories, novelty and “gag,” and seasonal items. Five Below combines exceptional value with trend-right, quality merchandise in a vibrant shopping environment.

Five Below offers a plethora of goodies, feared towards teens and pre-teens – all under $5!

Your Kids Will Spend Their Allowance Here

This isn’t just your typical Dollar Tree. The products we received were all high-quality items and I was shocked that they were all under $5!  My kids have already informed me that they want to spend their allowance here. I can see why, and it’s so much better quality than the dollar store stuff.

Here’s a peek into what arrived in our package:

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Yes, all of these items are available for under $5

  • Backpack – $5
  • Notebook – $1
  • Mini Skateboard – $5
  • Funky Fingers Nailpolish – $2 each or 3 for $5
  • Zipper Bracelet – $1
  • Color Travel Charger – $5
  • Smart Touch Wristlet – $5
  • Rib Cage Tough iPhone 4 Case – $5
  • Earbuds (and these are COOL, I stole these back) – $5
  • Skippes – $5
  • Mini Soccer Ball – $5
  • Lego Mini Figures – $2.99
  • Solar Flower – $1
  • Duck Tape – $3.99
  • Eco2Go Tumbler – $5

Pre-Teen and Teen Birthday Gifts

I don’t know about you, but for our 10 year old daughter’s friends, we have the hardest time finding a reasonably priced birthday gift to bring to birthday parties. I can see the Five Below store being our new go-to – and so much cheaper than the malls store like Justice and Claires. (Plus, they have boy birthday gift items as well!)

Five Below Locations

Five Below Stores

Five Below is opening 11 locations in mid-September to the Dallas-Fort Worth Area!

Find a Five Below location near you (they are nationwide!)

Check out all that Five Below has to offer at

Thanks for the introduction Five Below!