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Fisher-Price iXL Review

fisher price ixl review

Fisher-Price iXL Review

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System is a handheld learning tool designed for kids primarily 3-6 years old.

If you are in the market for a present for your digital kid, this may just be the perfect gift! It’s durable, something that they will play with (and hopefully leave daddy and mommy’s iPad alone) and educational. We have purchased this for our 2 year old, so that he can have this own device – since his older siblings both have iPod Touches that he won’t stop stealing.

The 6-in-1 system includes a digital reader, a game player, note pad, art studio, MP3 player and photo viewer.  It houses a SD slot for memory expansion, and includes 150 MB of built-in memory. The iXL retails for $82.99.

FYI: Amazon has the Fisher Price iXL on sale for $29.99

Fisher Price iXL Pros:

Child iPad

Touch screen interaction, it’s like a child iPad (but not). (see cons)

Built for a Child

Unlike the iPad, the Fisher Price iXL is built for a child. It’s sturdy, so when thrown it will survive!

Software in Installed

No more software cartridges to worry about losing.

Fisher Price iXL CONS:


Not a whole lot of memory, consider expanding with an SD card.


The stylus is slightly annoying.

More iPad Like Features Needed

I am hoping future generations reflect more of iPad like qualities! A camera would be VERY cool to have added.

Additional Software

The additional software can add up as a typical game or program will run you around $20.

Product Description from Amazon

fisher price ixlIntuitive and Kid-Friendly Technology
Made of rugged plastic that will survive all kinds of crazy play, the iXL is similar to popular hand-held game players, but is designed for the use of younger children. The device opens like a book to reveal an LCD touch screen that displays all the action. Your kid will navigate through the activities by touching the tethered stylus to the screen.

The iXL is extremely intuitive and uncomplicated. The stylus has a holster and is tethered to the device by a sturdy nylon string, so your child will never lose it. Opposite the screen is a speaker with volume control, an Action button that allows you to make choices in certain modes, and a Home button that returns you to the Main Menu whenever you wish.

Easy Set Up
To turn the piece on, you or your child will simply press the Power button positioned on the side of the device. All elements of interaction–from the generous buttons and stylus, to the iXL’s hearty casing–are practical for children’s use.

After unpacking the iXL, you’ll get it ready for play by inserting four AA batteries then completing a quick calibration of the touch screen. You’ll want to install the software for this toy via the accompanying CD-ROM to access additional features, software updates, and customizations. Additional iXL features include an SD slot for memory expansion, built-in memory of up to 150 MB, and a standard headphone jack for those long car rides or flights.

An Interactive Learning Experience
The iXL will keep curious kids busy, entertained, and learning with its six preloaded activities. Your child will practice reading and comprehension with the Digital Reader, which includes an interactive 15-page story available in either the reading or interacting mode. For kids who love action, the Game Player features a three-level arcade game that promotes counting and learning about sequences and numbers.

Future young writers can practice the alphabet and their penmanship in the Notepad mode, while young artists will flex their creativity with the Art Studio’s digital tools. The iXL includes an MP3 Player with five preloaded kid’s songs and a Photo Viewer with three sample images that can be embellished and manipulated.

Software Downloads Expand Features
You’ll get the most from the iXL by loading the software onto your PC and attaching the device to your computer with the accompanying USB cable. Although with high-speed cable internet software may take up to 30 minutes to download, once you completed this you can transfer files to increase playing options, including additional software for purchase that will add new stories and games for your child to play.

Navigating the software is simple and intuitive. You can create up to five profiles for the iXL, so this device can be enjoyed by the whole family. Add images or music files to the library and transfer them to the iXL. The software also gives you access to other fun and free extras, such as printable activity sheets for your child or the whole family, craft and party ideas, and other activity suggestions categorized by age.