Nintendo Switch Review – What My Kids Really Think About It

Nintendo Switch – should you buy it? Is it worth it? What do the kids think about it?

My kid was running late to school a few months ago. I am waiting for him to get in the car, and as I am cruising Facebook I see that the Nintendo Switch is launching that day. Hmm. Drop the kid off, head over to Target and BAM. Guess what I scored? A NINTENDO SWITCH!

Nintendo Switch Review

We have an XBox One that is played with all of the time. The kids have iPads, computers, yadda yadda – do we really NEED another device? Is this something that the kids will even play with? These are the thoughts I have, post purchase. 

Play at Home – Play in the Car

Here’s the deal with the Switch. It is like the Gameboy and WII – morphed into one. The Switch works as a home gaming system, where you hook the main unit into the Nintendo dock – which connects to the TV. Or you can play on-the-go. Lift the Nintendo Switch from the dock and transition to handheld mode – on-the-go gaming!  (The joy-con is the controller.) You can share the joy-con and go head-to-head while away from home. The Switch can also be propped up on a tabletop, using the included stand to prop it up. 

BONUS – You can bring together up to 8 Switch systems for local face-to-face multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch ReviewNintendo Switch Games

I had picked up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (aka the NEW Zelda) when we first purchased. Have since purchased Mario Kart 8. I can say, without a doubt – the Switch is used – OFTEN. (Read more on Mario Kart 8 in Target!)

Zelda is the never-ending game, seriously. My husband has played endless hours, and I really don’t think he is anywhere near completing the game. This great, if you are the game player – not so great if you are the annoying wife. 

The Nintendo Switch games selection is growing. It’s not quite there yet – but with the wild popularity of the Switch, no doubt more games will be coming. The games run around $60. The other thing with the Nintendo Switch – these aren’t the Nintendo cartridges that we grew up on. The games resemble an SD card – tiny, which means they are easy to lose. 

Here’s our problem. While yes, with Mario Kart 8, you can play 2 players – the kids are obsessed with Zelda which is a one player. For the longest time, we didn’t tell the kids about the portability of the Nintendo Switch. I know, bad parents. We were headed out on a road trip, the husband grabs the Nintendo Switch to play it in the car – the kids find out, chaos ever since.

So yes, you may need more than one Switch. Our littles are saving up for a Switch of their own. One kid has already asked for one for their birthday gift (you have a while to wait, kid – start earning some money and buy your own!)

nintendo switch reviewIs It Worth It?

So should you buy the Nintendo Switch? Well, that’s up to you 🙂 Is it worth it? For us, even though I had some initial post-purchase regret, I am glad we bought it. 

Where to Find a Nintendo Switch

Now if you are in the market for a Nintendo Switch, do know they are hard to come by! Your best bet is going thru Amazon (though, you will be paying $25-$50 more than if you found in-store.) This is a good option if you need it now. (Been there, done that – no judgement!)

Another option is to give your local Best Buy or Target a call and see if they have in-stock. Don’t be shy, ask when they will receive their next shipment!

Do you have a Switch? What are your thoughts? Leave your Nintendo Switch review in the comments!

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