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The Life Changing Message From Bob Goff On Loving Everybody Always

Day 35 Lent – Bob Goff – Loving Everybody Always

Last summer, we didn’t know where to go on vacation. We had air miles, but felt like doing a good ol’ family road trip. I asked my husband “left or right” – he chose right (typical, still love him) – so we found a location to the right of Texas.

Yes people, that sometimes is how we make decisions in our house. Our road trip listen was Everybody Always by Bob Goff. It was a great audio book that was something the whole family could listen to – something I highly recommend. 

Fast forward to this past weekend. Our church had Bob Goff as a speaker. I started to listen online Friday night, but then stopped it because I wanted to be able to be fully present when listening to what he had to say. Wow, I am so glad that I did because Bob’s message was life changing. 

Love Everybody Always

Here’s the deal. I know in my heart what I believe. It wasn’t until Bob Goff’s message that it just clicked with me. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO EXPLAIN TO PEOPLE ON MY THOUGHTS ON CHRISTIANITY BUT DIDN’T HAVE THE RIGHT WORDS.

Bob did. His words were exactly where my heart is. I laughed, I cried and I am so thankful that this happened in our church. 

Bob Goff’s message was on loving everybody always. It was about doing the unexpected – loving all, like Christ. And by all – he means all people – not just church going people, or those who may end up in church.

The message is to love the homeless, the LGTBQ community, the muslims, the lost, the strippers, the prostitutes, the addicts, love everybody always. 

Trying to Be Like Jesus

One thing Bob Goff said that just stuck was “I’m not trying to be right anymore. I’m trying to be Jesus.” Wow. What if we stopped using the bible to beat over people’s head and do what Jesus would do. He would love them. 

i'm not trying to be right anymore, i'm trying to be jesus - bob goff quotes

Another thing that Bob said was to stop trying to control people by withdrawing love. Tell people who they are not what to do. What if we all just showed love? Lets stop judgement, and just love.

Jesus brought the love and wine, and if you know me – you know I can definitely bring the wine but am also mindfully now bringing the love. 

Bob Goff Books

Here’s a list of Bob Goff books. Something that Bob said that struck me – he writes his books for the guy at the tire shop. He isn’t putting bible verses in his book because his book is not for John Piper.

Communicating Christ Well

Bob Goff has a way of communicating Christ without throwing biblical slang of christianese at you. This is so refreshing. 

If you enjoy audiobooks – use my like to try Audible and get TWO FREE audiobooks!

Bob Goff Books

Books written by Bob Goff.

About Bob Goff

If you want to see a great example of a Enneagram 7 – it’s Bob Goff. I too am an Enneagram 7 – but more of an introverted 7! He described himself as Tigger. I think that’s a great description of his vibrant personality. 

Bob is a lawyer, he teaches law at Pepperdine University. He is married to Sweet Marie Goff (he calls her Sweet Marie) and they have 3 kids. 

His laugh is contagious and my hope is that the world can find his message of loving like Jesus contagious as well. Thanks Bob, for your vibrant spirit and outlook on life. 

See you tomorrow for day 36 of Lent.

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