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THE COOLEST TOY EVER – Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Car Review

The Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Car arrived on our doorstep last week and OMG you have to see this thing.

So parents, I don’t know about you – but we are in mid-Summer FUNK. The kids are fighting non-stop. I could totally use a full-time nanny, but alas the budget just isn’t quite there so alas, they are home with us. Sure, we try to keep the kids busy – but with 4 kids going in 4 different directions it’s hard. On top of all of that, we live in Texas where it’s 100 degree outside.

Last week our doorbell rang. Nothing unusual about that, but what was unusual was getting an unexpected package – and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time! I saw the imprint on the box and knew this would be something for the kids to open.

Low and behold, Sphero had surprised us with their new Ultimate Lightning McQueen car. You know, LIGHTNING MCQUEEN from CARS – THAT LIGHTNING MCQUEEN but as a remote control car like you’ve never seen.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen CarSphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Toy Review

I had seen a few mentions of the Sphero Lightning McQueen but had not played with it. Let me just say this thing is AMAZING. The first few days, let’s just say I may have played with it more than the kids – only because I kept telling them MY NAME WAS ON THE BOX NOT THEIR’S. I know, bad mom – but they watched in wonder and waited impatiently for their turn to play.

Let me just say this. Pixar’s Cars franchise has been a long time favorite in our house. Cars 1, Cars 2 and Cars 3 are all favorites of our 4 kids. Lightning McQueen is one of those unforgettable characters so it’s so cool to have this toy that so much resembles him. Sphero worked with the team at Pixar to make sure that this toy was on-point with the on-screen character that we all know and love. They nailed it. From the car’s body to the Lightning McQueen’s voice to what he says – it is spot on.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen Features

I don’t know where to start with the features on the Ultimate Lightning McQueen – so I’ll just start listing them.

This isn’t your average remote control car. This car is like nothing I’ve ever seen (did I mention that?) For real though. Sphero has put crazy detail into making the Ultimate Lightning McQueen car into a one-of-a-kind device. It features crazy things like you can drift while driving, emoting through suspension and expressive eyes. This product is packed with crazy innovations in robotic technology. If you have a Pixar Car’s fan, then this is a toy you will want to know about.

Sphero Lightning McQueen - Ultimate Lightning McQueen ReviewCar Body

The first thing I noticed with Lightning was the way her feels. The material used to make this device is soft and rubbery. This isn’t the hard old school plastic of normal remote cars.

Animated Eyes

Lightning’s windshield is actually an LCD screen featuring animated eyes. They move, they even sleep and are totally expressive.

Reactive Touch

Touch the Ultimate Lightning McQueen toy car on it’s hood, trunk, sides, or top and he will move. This may have totally freaked me out the first time I grabbed him.

Bluetooth Control via App

Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen is Bluetooth controlled via the Ultimate Lightning McQueen™ by Sphero app (download here). I’ll get more into the app later.

How Fast and How Far Can McQueen Go? 

Ultimate Lightning McQueen can go up to 100 feet and up to 6 miles per hour!

How Long does the Battery Last?

The battery lasts up to 40 minutes.

How Long does it Take to Charge the Battery?

It took us around 1 hour to charge the battery.

Charging the Ultimate Lightning McQueenSpeaking of charging the device – talk about clever. The charge port connects to the gas tank. Priceless.

How Much Does It Cost?

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen retails for $299.

What Comes in the Box?

  • Ultimate Lightning McQueen
  • Wall Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Legal Guide
  • Wall Adapters based on Region

Can I Use Lightning Outside?

Sorry folks, this device is made for inside use.

How Long is the Warranty?

Lighting comes with a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen™ by Sphero App

The Sphero app behind the car is your remote to this car. The app is free and is available via iTunes or Google Play.

Here is what you will be able to do in the app:

With Free Drive you can use the joystick to drift, do donuts and drive Lightning with the driving pad.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen AppDrive by guiding Lightning with the joystick. Long, sweeping motions work best. When Lightning turns around, he will make U-turns. To make Lightning drift while driving, change directions quickly. There are some other awesome ways to have fun driving with Lightning…

  • Reverse: To drive Lightning in reverse, hold the top button, showing Lightning with an arrow going backward, while using the joystick to drive in the direction you want to go.
  • Doughnuts: To have Lightning do doughnuts, hold the middle button, showing Lightning sliding, while pushing the joystick to the edge of the puck.
  • Boost: Give Lightning a boost by holding the bottom button with the arrow while driving with the joystick.

Train hard and join the pit crew. Lightning coaches you as you race the clock changing tires, fueling up, and getting racers back on the track.

Direct Lightning McQueen as he prepares to be on camera. Create scripts with your favorite phrases and actions for him to perform.

This feature is TOO COOL. You can watch Disney Pixar’s Cars with Lightning and watch him react to the movie. Select this option with Lightning plugged in to charge, start the movie, and hear all he has to say.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen Storage Case

| THE COOLEST TOY EVER - Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Car Review
Looking for a way to store your new car? Check out this custom case!

Not Your Average Remote Control Car

As mentioned, this device is not your typical remote control. Yes, you will pay more for this but Sphero products DO NOT disappoint!