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5 Reasons to Upgrade To LED Christmas Lights

I so love Christmas, and yes – we are those people who put up their tree and Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, judge me if you must but I go ELF like as soon as the temperature dips below 65 (i’m in Texas.)

We are slowly upgrading our old incandescent Christmas lights from old school to LED Christmas lights.

led Christmas lights

5 Reasons to Upgrade To LED Christmas Lights

  1. LED lights are 80 percent more energy efficient than incandescent lights.
  2. LED Christmas lights last approximately 20 years– seven times longer than incandescent holiday string lights.
  3. LED lights are also a safer option for Christmas decorating because they don’t heat up and are extremely durable.
  4. With advanced LED technology, the lights can even have the same warm colors found in old incandescent lights.
  5. LED holiday lights are tough to break. So they’re likely to last much longer than “regular” lights.

Ready to upgrade?  From November 5 through 15, 2015, bring any old (working condition or not) incandescent Christmas light strings to a local The Home Depot store for recycling and receive a discount toward the purchase of energy efficient LED holiday lights. For each string of lights, receive a coupon (limit of five redemptions per customer). In-store only.

Coupons for Christmas Light Trade-In:



Not a bad deal, thanks Home Depot!

5 Reasons to Upgrade to LED Christmas Lights