Show Your Love with These Practical Valentine’s Day Ideas

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DIY Valentines Day ideas to make the holiday of LOVE extra special

With February 14th right around the corner -it’s time to get those ideas in gear. Whether you want to go all out over the top, or just create something homemade DIY style and special with the kids – we are sharing ideas to help make Valentines Day amazing for your loved one.

best valentines day ideas

Valentines Day Ideas

Let’s look at ways to celebrate your loved one with these Valentine’s Day ideas.

Send a Meme

Who doesn’t love a funny Valentines meme?

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We have plenty to choose from! Humor is always a great gift.

Send Flowers

Go traditional by sending flowers.

amazon prime flower valentines day ideas

Don’t worry if you wait too long, Amazon has you covered with Amazon Prime flowers!

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Get the kids involved or not and make a DIY Valentine’s Day card.

handmade valentine card diy valentines day ideas

Free Printables

If your kids don’t have time to create their own custom Valentines, save yourself a few dollars and print them at home – here are 15+ DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas!

Record a Video

Don’t forget about your family far away. Use your computer’s built-in webcam to record a video e-card to send to grandparents and other relatives to let them know you’re thinking about them.

Make Cookies

This is a Valentines tradition that my husband started 24 years ago. On our first February 14, he snuck into my bedroom and left me these amazing Neiman Marcus cookies.

Each year he goes to the store, buys all the ingredients and I know I can expect a batch of these warm cookies as part of our Valentines ritual.

Flower Petals on the Bed

Surprise your loved one by placing flower petals on the bed.

rose petals in bed valentines day ideas

Something to note, rose petals can leave stains on the sheets and comforter. If that is a concern, you can use silk flower petals.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

While yes, you can make them – I’m just saying mine never come out as cute as when I buy them.

chocolate covered strawberries – valentines day ideas

Even better, Amazon sells them.

Make Heart Shape Cinnamon Rolls

This is something small but meaningful that the kids will love.

make heart cinnamon rolls

For breakfast on February 14, make heart shaped cinnamon rolls. This is a super easy Valentines day idea.

Write a Love Letter

Remember those days before computers? Me neither. Apparently, back then – whenever then was… people wrote letters.

Bring back the good old days, apparently before we were born and write a handwritten love letter to your significant other.

Create a Modern Mix Tape

Create a modern mix tape! Remember the old cassettes or CDs made with love songs – here is a modernized approach to this old romantic concept.

More Valentines Day Ideas

Here are more ideas on how to show your love:

  • Make a coupon book of things your loved one likes to do
  • Skip the restaurant and make a picnic
  • Go camping, but do it indoors (February can be cole!)
  • Place sticky notes with random love notes
  • Cook your lover’s favorite meal at home
  • Make it a movie night and watch a romantic comedy

How will you be celebrating Valentines this year?