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Who’s Creating a Taylor Swift Roomba? You Should Be.

Use our Taylor Swift Roomba template to create your own Eras Tour performance of Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me on your robot vacuum!

Print out our Taylor Swift Who’s Afraid of Little Me meme for your robot vacuum.

Taylor Swift roomba singing who's afraid of little old me a template to create this funny meme

Printable Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me Meme

This hilarious tutorial is inspired by Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour performance of Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me. Create your own version of this printable Taylor Swift meme. As she leaps from the gallows and levitates across your floor cleaning it on top of your robotic vacuum.

You’ll never look at your robot vacuum the same again after making a Taylor Swift Roomba! (And you’ll be singing the song everytime you see Taylor gliding across your floor on your vacuum.)

How to Create Printable Cut Out Taylor Swift Meme

Let’s make a stand-up Taylor Swift printable meme from her Eras Tour performance of Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me. We’ve created a simple how-to showing you this easy DIY that will have you singing while your Roomba is vacuuming.

who's afraid of little old me taylor swift eras tour performance meme on top of robot vacuum

Download and Print the Meme

We’ve made this process super easy by creating a 3-page printable. The first 2 pages you will find Taylor. On the third page, you will see a disco ball. The disco ball will be her platform.

printing out the taylor swift meme template

Cut Out the Taylor Swift Template Meme

Using scissors and if you want to be precise, an x-acto knife, cut out around the images of Taylor Swift and of the disco ball.

cutting out the printable taylor swift meme cutout with an xacto knife

Glue Taylor Cut Out Together

You can use a glue stick, glue, spray adhesive or tape. In the printable, Taylor is facing 2 different directions, this is on purpose. You will want to glue the blank sides of the meme together creating a 2-sided Taylor Swift.

using glue to make taylor swift paper doll standul

Bend and Tape

Create a slight bend out on both side of Taylor’s boots – this will help her stand up straight.

cut out print meme of taylor swift on top of roomba robotic vacuum from whos afraid of little old me eras tour performance

Tape disco ball to robotic vacuum, and then tape Taylor to the disco ball in a standing position.

Enjoy Your Personal Taylor Swift Roomba Performance

Crank up the Tortured Poets Department album, particularly Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me and watch as Taylor glides across your floor while your vacuum cleans up the mess.

While the smallest man who ever lived and your vacuum may suck, this hilarious Taylor Swift printable meme does not. If you create this Taylor Swift printable meme, tag us on social so we can share. Link back to this post so more Swifties can join in on the fun!

If you love this Taylor Swift template inspired by the Era’s Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me performance – chances are you enjoy fun! Join us in spreading online humor, offline in our Memes in Real Life community.

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