Dear Mom, Stop Using AOL – Tech Help for Parents

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If you’d like to contact my Mom, she’s cruising her AOL account or anxiously awaiting a *DING* on AOL instant messager. Yes, my Mom is NOT TECH SAVVY. She knows it. She is TRYING to adjust to the gmail my Sister and I setup for her. Someday, she’ll get Google Docs.  We will move that business of her from snail mail to the digital age. It just takes time.

teaching mom tech

In all honesty, my Sister and I probably are the worse people to try to teach her. We’re impatient with good ol’ mom. We talk way too fast (and though we look nothing alike, our voices and lingo are just about identical), have no patience and well maybe teaching isn’t our gift, nor is tech support.

So What Are 2 Tech Savvy Daughters To Do About Our Non-Tech Mother?

(This is where Google goes from brilliant to GENIUS).


Apparently, there is a HUGE need for moving the older generation online and educating them in the way of tech.  Google recognizes this. They understand people need to get it. They know that daughters and sons are attempting to teach parents how to do things (like copy and paste) and they’ve created a possible solution.

Teach Parents Tech (

teach parents tech

Google has created several easy how to videos covering the basics that your parents may ask about.  Sure, there are a lot of Google product tie-ins, but let’s face it… Mom and Dad NEED to know how to use Google products. On the website, you can send your parents a virtual tech support care package.  You fill in who the care package is for, choose videos to send Mom and then *BOOM*. A cute email is created and sent to your Mom or Dad with how-to videos.

Here are the multitude of videos Google has created over various topics.

The Basics

World Wide Web



Finding Information


aol meets twitter

Are your parents tech savvy, or are they still stuck on AOL?

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  1. I really would like some help learning how to operate my Samsung Impression phone. I successfully use several tech things, computer, digital recorder, phone, MP3 player, but only for basics. The manual for the phone is only on CD or the web. When I try to print it, the pages are not the same as the ones selected. Shouldn’t there be some official help for these products? Many seniors are missing out because there is no good help.


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