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5 Ways to Show Your Love Online for Valentine’s Day

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February 14th is Valentine’s Day (hello, just in case you forgot – friendly reminder).If you are like me *hi! waving* you haven’t even started to think about the holiday.

I have blogs to write, diapers to change, kids to raise and hearts and love is the last thing on my mind. Sad, yes but it’s my chapter in life right now. Come Wednesday night I’ll be sweating on crap – what should I do for my husband. The husband who puts up with me, gives me anything I could ever want and has 4 kids with me. I mean, any man who stays with me – and has 4 kids that is LOVE people.

valentines day loves

Valentine’s Day is when you let your cheese come out. That’s right get cheesy. Show your love and for us last minute people who love them some social media – here are some creative ideas to make the day special for your loved one.5

Free Ways to Show Your on Valentine’s Day via the Internet

Facebook Shout Out

The ode to a loved one. Update your relationship status. Post a loving message tagging your loved one. Express your love to the Facebook world. We have an array of funny Valentine memes for you to share!

Fake Tattoo

tattoo app

This requires an app or sharpie!

Tweet Your Love

Give your love a little TWEET TWEET! Unfortunately, if you are married to my husband – he has a Twitter account but alas will never see it.

YouTube or Vine Video

Here’s your opportunity to get CHEESY for the world to see. Make a video and post to YouTube professing your love. Get creative with the Vine app – only 6 seconds – maybe a stop motion of you writing I LOVE YOU?


valentines ecard

My favorite site for last minute eCards – Some eCards. Hilariousness that is sure to put a smile on your love’s face.

It’s all in the thought. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Public Service Announcement

P.S. Public service announcement: If you and your lover aren’t going to last – you may not want to do any of the above. Social media is forever. 🙂

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Tuesday 12th of February 2013

I can not wait any more. Since just after one day, the valantine day will come but I have to wish someone special. So feeling crazy in wait of valantine day.