Memes About Friday – Best Friday Memes to Celebrate Our Favorite Work Day

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We’re Sharing the Best Memes About Friday, Y’all!

It’s Friday Memes, Y’all!

You know the song… It’s Friday, Friday – gotta get down on Friday – and we have the best memes about Friday! How have we not shared these yet? Of all of the days of the work week, we all know that Friday is our favorite.

funny friday memes

Let’s face it, even if we are slammed – chances are you maybe slacking a little – especially if you are working on a Friday like today that’s a holiday! (Happy Good Friday, BTW.)

Memes About Friday 

So, let’s get to it. Here are our favorite memes about Friday!

Friday is just around the corner. False. Chronological distance can not be measured geometrically. Dwight from the Office - Memes about Friday

I don’t know about you – but It’s been a long week.

Its been a long week - dog lounging on couch - funny friday memes

Cheers to YOU, Friday

Leonardo Dicaprio - Cheers its finally friday

Check our our huge collection of FUNNY MEMES!

Friday, you sexy beast. 

Girl in glasses - hey there friday you sexy beast, ive been looking for you since Monday

I can smell the weekend. 

I can smell the weekend from here - meme about friday

We made it to FRIDAY! Some weeks, I just don’t know if this day will ever come.

made it to friday memes

I would totally kiss it. 

kiss fridays face

Happy Friday Memes

Maybe you are looking for Happy Friday Memes – because, hello what Friday isn’t happy? Enjoy these Happy Friday images – perfect for sharing to start your day off on a happy note. 

Happy Friday Stay Cool - photo of dog smoking pipe wearing sunglasses


friyayayaya friday memes

It HAS been one hell of a week. 

happy friday meme

Cheers to Friday!

Let the fun begin!

fun begin friday

Friday or FriYAY?

friyay tgif meme
may your friday sparkle

Make your Friday sparkle!

Frinally you are here!

fri-nally happy friday memes
It’s Friday Memes

Time to celebrate with It’s Friday Memes! Or maybe you are like me and enjoy harassing people with that God-awful It’s Friday song. 

friday friday song meme

Even this baby knows what’s up. 

baby its friday meme

Stay classy. 

its friday bitches

I love Lucy and I LOVE this Its Friday Meme!

its friday baby i love lucy meme

Yes, it is Kermit – why yes it is.

its friday kermit meme

No thanks, but Happy Friday!

Well scratch my happy ass its friday - donkey jack ass - memes about friday

Friday Work Memes

Working hard, or hardly working? Friday work memes because who isn’t ready for the weekend?

How to walk out of work on a Friday – man dancing on a boat - friday work memes

Praise Jesus when it’s time to clock out on Friday! 

When its clock out time on friday - praise hands

These Friday work memes where everyone is running out of work have my heart. 

Me leaving work on a friday - Tom Cruise running mission impossible - work memes friday

“Work” Dr. Evil totally gets what working on Friday means.

meme work friday

Here is the perfect example of someone’s demeanor leaving work on Friday vs showing up to work on Monday. 

leaving work friday monday

How I feel when I leave work on Friday – yassss I’m a FREAKING UNICORN!

How i feel when I leave work on friday - friday work memes - unicorn

Oh Oprah! Do the Oprah memes ever get old? NO. And yes, all the things can wait until Monday. 

wait until monday friday work memes

Speaking of Monday – Jay-z has 99 problems but he too knows they can wait until Monday.

99 problems at work meme

So, do you actually work on Fridays or do you make appearances?

dont work on friday make appearances

Leaving work on Friday means you are running like Forest Gump. RUN FOREST, RUN!

forest gump leaving work meme

Friday Night Memes

Tonight is FRIDAY NIGHT, which means…. well, it depends. Friday night memes for those of us who have well intentions for our Friday nights but doesn’t always end up like we planned. 

Friday night vibes - messy bun, leggings, netflix and pizza - sounds about right.
how i plan on spending my friday night

As an introvert, this is my favorite way to spend a Friday night. 

Of all the Friday night memes –  this totally nails it. Netflix, party by myself, online shopping – sounds like a perfect night

friday night plans

Time to party, just kidding – I’ll be at home chilling. 

kermit friday night memes

Thoughts vs Reality – Let’s face it, we all think that Friday night is going to be a party, then reality hits and it hurts.

friday morning vs friday reality - partying on friday night but in reality sleeping like this little girl on a bed

More Funny Friday Memes

And the fun continues, here are even MORE Funny Friday Memes for sharing. 

you know what rhymes with friday alcohol

This is what my Friday face looks like as well!

my friday face

Bill Murray, you get me. 

friday is my second favorite f word

Can someone show me how to make an Alexa skill that will make Alexa skip to Friday? How AWESOME would that be!?!?

alexa skip to friday memes

Someone in fact did say it!

dumb and dumber friday meme

Yes, better days are ahead – they are called the WEEKEND.

better days ahead

Friday is a HUGE deal. 

rob burgandy friday memes

Who else is nicer after 3pm on Fridays? Me TOO!

nicer on fridays – happy friday meme

Could we make a funny friday memes round up without including a Trump meme? You are correct, nope! To conclude our Memes about Friday list, I present you a Trump meme arguing about fake news. Go figure. 

friday trump memes

Sharing Memes About Friday

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There you have it, the best memes about Friday! Make sure you are following us on social. We love to LOL and we love us some memes. 

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