Best Instant Pot Soup Recipes – Perfect for Cold Weather!

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Since it’s still COLD here in Texas, despite it being March – we’re sharing our favorite Instant Pot Soup Recipes!

You guys, seriously though. It’s almost spring break and what am I doing? Sitting here looking for good Instant Pot soup recipes to make because apparently Texas did not get the memo that spring is here.

10 Amazing Instant Pot Soup Recipes

It was 20 degrees here this morning! So yep, that means I am making Instant Pot soup again for dinner tonight. 

Instant Pot Soup Recipes
Best Instant Pot Soup Recipes

TIP! For us busy parents, something to consider when making these Instant Pot soup recipes, make more than you need! These freeze well and while I can really suck at meal prep, having a few meals like a good soup in the freezer can save time and money on those evenings we are scrambling and the kids are screaming for food. 

We have 10 Instant Pot soup recipes to share with you. I’ve included a variety, though I admit – my favorite soup is something spicy – so you will see a few spicy soups on the list.

Also, if you are doing the KETO diet – a few of these can easily be adapted to include less carbs. (Also, check out our Instant Pot Keto Recipes for more low carb ideas!)

Instant Pot Soup Recipes

While spring is near, it's still COLD here in Texas. To me, cold means SOUP weather. Let's look at the best Instant Pot soup recipes.

Soup and Cold Weather

Soup is my go to when the weather is cold. Last night I made chili in the Instant Pot and tonight, it’s looking like a broccoli cheese soup night.

If you make one of these Instant Pot soup recipes – let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget about making more than the recipe calls for and freezing the soup for a future meal! 

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