10 Fun USB Flash Drives – These Make Geeky Cool

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fun usb flash drives
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Fun USB Flash Drives? Yes, Please.

Who says geeky can’t be fun and cute? These fun USB flash drives will disapprove any nerdy conception you have of portable data storage.

While the USB thumb drive made its appearance years ago, I am still amazed by these little things. Over the years, creatives have found new fun ways to make fun usb drives. These out of the norm storage devices puts a little hip into geek.

10 Fun USB Flash Drives

Robot USB Flash Drive

It’s a robot, it’s a toy – nope it’s a flash drive.


Lego USB Flash Drive

How cute is this? The perfect gift for a lego fanatic.

Nerf  USB Flash Drive

It’s a nerf gun, nope it’s a miniature hard drive.

Star Wars USB Drive

Use the force! These fun Star Wars USB drives come in Darth Vadar, Boba Fett, Yoda and a Storm Trooper.

USB Humping Dog Flash Drive

Yes, you read this right. Keep this humping dog USB flash drive out of the sight of your children.

USB Flash Drive Lighter

Nothing like mixing technology and fire with this USB Flash Drive LIGHTER!

Voltron USB Flash Drive

This Voltron USB Drive will store your data AND defend the universe!

Key USB Flash Drive

This handy USB flash drive slides right onto your key ring.

Turtle USB Flash Drive

Turtles maybe known for being slow, but this Turtle USB Flash Drive touts fast transfer rates.

Which USB Flash Drive is Your Favorite?


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