Flappy Bird Tips and Tricks

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So you downloaded it and now are trying to find cheats for the Flappy Bird app. This silly little app is wildly popular now and is annoying as all hell. Why? Because you can’t get FAR!

The Flappy Bird app is the current NUMBER 1 APP for ANDROID AND iOS! With that kind of ranking, you know there has to be SOMETHING special about this game right?

Side note: Is it me, or have you also noticed the trend of popular games featuring flying birds??

What is It and How to Play Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a simple game which you tap the screen and make the bird fly through various pipes.

Tap the screen to fly. Avoid all of the pipes and try to get 1 of the 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard).

If you hit the pipes or the ground, you die – so good luck with that not hitting the pipes thing!

Flappy Bird Tips

If you are looking for Flappy Bird cheats, sorry – as of right now there are no public obvious cheats but believe me – we will post them here as soon as we hear of any!  But TIPS! We got tips!  Here you go:

  • Use your pointer finger – your thumb is too slow dude!
  • Find your rhythm. Sounds stupid, but successful flapping has a rhythm.
  • If you start to get upset, QUIT THE GAME. Don’t let the stupid flappy bird get you down.
  • Starting with the smaller pipes seems to give better opportunity for advancement.
  • If you experience finger strain from tapping on your iPhone screen – do the following. Find the game icon on your smartphone screen. Click and hold the icon. When the “X” appears – click it. Yes, you may have just deleted the game but you won’t have any more finger strain issues from playing it either.

If you have a Flappy Bird TIP or TRICK – LEAVE in the comments and we will add to the tip list!

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