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5 Ways to Style Wet Hair – Mom Style

Let’s look at ways to style wet hair. Wet hair is my game. I don’t have time to blow dry and I have massive amounts of thick hair. So what’s a girl to do?

how to style wet hair

How to Style Wet Hair

I am what you called hair challenged. If it wasn’t for the Dry Bar or my amazing hair stylist, Amber at Glossed Collective – this hair would be a frumpy dump. I am a busy mom, who works at home. I try to blow my hair out when I can, but I have massively thick hair and I rarely have 30-minutes to myself, which is how long it takes to blow-dry.

When I stumbled upon this tutorial of how to style wet hair, I knew I had to share with any other moms who crave mom style but are currently stuck in mom rut. That mom rut is hard. Been there, done that and have to pull myself out of it all the freaking time.

how to style wet hair

For moms who want cute hair without a ton of work, check this out. Here are 5 darling styles of wet hair that you can do, right after jumping out of the shower. YES! That’s what I am talking about! ALL THE YESES!

SO, how do you style wet hair? Watch this video on YouTube.

Here is a fabulous tutorial from LetsMakeItUp1 to help us style wet hair 5 different ways! She does all 5 in under 10 minutes (actually at around 7 minutes!).

Hopefully, these will let you enjoy your 3-minute shower before you have to jump out and chase down a kid, feed another and then change 2 dirty diapers. Hopefully, you are not in a mom rut. And if you are, maybe this wet hairstyle tutorial will give you a few hairstyle ideas that you can do right out of the shower.


Do you style your hair when it’s wet?

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