Free Minecraft Birthday Invitation

Looking for free Minecraft Birthday Invitations? We have a FREE printable one – just for you!

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids are OBSESSED with Minecraft. If I didn’t put a cap on their playtime, I am pretty sure we would have 2 kids that didn’t sleep that just played Minecraft AROUND the clock. In addition to our 2 older kids, our 3-year-old found the Minecraft app on his iPad and has started playing as well. He doesn’t really get what he is doing, but none the less it will just be a matter of time until it clicks.

We are approaching birthday season in our house, and one of the birthdays will be Minecraft themed.  I found a few options for Minecraft birthday invitations online, but you have to buy them. I wanted to offer a FREE Minecraft birthday invitation since the Angry Birds Invitations were so popular and well received, I have a feeling these will be as well.

Free Minecraft Birthday Invitation

The best part of this free Minecraft invite, it’s easy to personalize! Follow the below directions and learn how to customize the free DIY Minecraft birthday invitation to your liking.

free minecraft birthday party invite

Click here to download the free invitation

This Minecraft birthday invitation is 5 x 7. You can mail these in A7 envelopes – these are 5.25 x 7.25.

minecraft invitation

How to Edit the Minecraft Birthday Invite

Editing the invite is SUPER easy. I went through and made sure of this – you can see a completed invitation below. Here is how you do it. Make sure you’ve downloaded the invite first, and then follow these steps for easy editing.


Click Edit > Computer

edit invitation in picmonkey

Select the Minecraft invite file from wherever you saved it to on your computer.

edit the invite in picmonkey

Using the Add Text function, add the party details to the invitation. I have an upgraded account at PicMonkey so I have more font options. I used the Times New Yorker font (the items in green and the RSVP). I used the Didact Gothic font for the party details.

Add in any details you want. And then hit SAVE.

You will want to save your invitation as SEAN – the highest quality – if you are including in email or an evite, you can save as a Roger or Pierce.

save as

These are FREE, the only thing I ask is that you please share these with your friends. Pin, Facebook Like, Tweet, Stumble. Thanks!

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  • DavidP
  • Tamara

    This is so awesome. I was able to download the invitation & update w/ our own information without any problem. Thank you so much for sharing. My son is so excited that he gets to pass these Minecraft invitations out to his friends.

  • Jen

    Thank you for this! Totally saved me from having to create one myself πŸ˜€

  • Denise Bickett

    Thank You soooo much for this idea, my son will be so excited!!!

  • Mistie

    Thank you so much! The invite was exactly what we were looking for and the editor was great! I tend to find ideas like this from wonderful people like you and forget to say thanks. SO…..Thank you from a work-at-home Mom, throwing a party together on the fly, for your creativity and help!

  • Nikki O

    Thanks so much for the invite and the tips for using Pic Monkey to add in our info- so helpful!!

  • Adriana

    Thank you so much for not only sharing your printable but also walking us moms through the editing process! You definitely made this birthday planning experience that much easier πŸ™‚

  • Amanda

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU! My son is going to be SO excited! Your instructions were super easy to follow, and it looks great!

  • Anna K

    Thank you so much not only for sharing your idea but walking us through the process. You made it really easy for us. My son wanted a Minecraft-themed birthday party. He will be so happy to see these invitations!

  • Tiffiny

    Hi. The invite is perfect for my sons party. I am not able to download it.

  • Jeannette

    I need help to figure out how to add the text in the white part. I just want to add my details into the invitation you created. When I click, “Add text”, it stays on the word, “Minecraft” and I can’t figure out how to get the text in the white box.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Viktoria

    Wow, this invite looks amazing! My daughter, like your kiddos, is also obsessed with Minecraft. When she’s not playing the game, she’s watching YouTube videos of other people playing the game! She turns 8 March 11th, so these are perfect. Great quality! Thanks so much for making these available for free! And nice to see you are from Dallas, I am in Dallas too πŸ™‚

    • digital mom blog

      Glad you were able to use! And, yay – DALLAS represent. πŸ™‚

  • Tara

    Downloaded, edited, and then had them printed at Walmart as 4×6 photo prints. They came out amazing and only cost $3.80 for 20 invitations! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Rose Rivera

    these are perfect for my grandson’s 7th birthday, I’m trying to edit but having some trouble. Is there any way I can change the “Join us for an *8 Bit and have it say ” a BBQ Party?” I can’t seem to edit that part. Thank you so much for any help you can provide. You’ve saved me tons of work with these..

  • Jeff Steelman

    Their is also an iOS app that lets you make Minecraft Birthday cards and invites with your kids name in Minecraft type style. It’s called “3D invite maker” in the Apple app store. You should check it out!

  • Angel

    Thank you! Just made these for my son’s 5th birthday. Made my live so much easier today! πŸ™‚

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