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Babies are Money Pits: Why Parents Spend So Much Money On Baby Gear

4 kids, and we are FINALLY out of the baby gear and baby stuff stage. We have spent thousands and thousands cribs, diaper trash cans, strollers, car seats, bouncy chairs, swings, Johnny jumpers, walkers, mobiles, swaddling blankets, bottles, baby socks, exersaucers, creams, oils, lotions and potions you name it – we’ve bought it in some form or fashion.

Why Parents Spend so Much Money on Baby Gear

While I have always griped about the cost of baby goods, and have learned as I have had more kids – what to buy, what to borrow, etc… it never hit me about the WHY. WHY do parents spent so much money on baby gear?

My cousin Ashley recently had a darling baby boy named Harvey. She is very practical when it comes to purchases, and being a first time mom – bought the basics. She had messaged me last week asking about various baby products for various baby scenarios. “What do you do with the baby when you want to take a shower?” “Is a bouncy chair worth it?”

Then it hit me.

Why We Spent So Much Money on Baby Gear

WHY parents spend SO much MONEY on baby gear is because we are looking for an ANSWER and are willing to spend whatever we can to resolve our kids issue, whatever it maybe.

Our first kid had colic. We spent hundreds on baby formula, tummy bands, Dr. Brown bottles, etc. It was all in an effort to stop the screeching, and make the baby happy.

Saving Money on Baby Gear

So the next question is, how do you cut back on spending money on baby gear when you need something for baby? 

baby gear

My advice (take it for what it’s worth),  is whenever you have a need, say an exersaucer – post on Facebook and ask if anyone has one you can borrow or one that someone wants to buy used. Sure you could go on Craigslist as well – but it’s amazing how many baby products people have that they are just storing until the next baby.

If you are buying new, remember that most baby gear won’t be used for long. There are only a handful of items that I would splurge on the more expensive brands, such as the car seat you can purchase to last several years.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Another factor in spending money on baby gear is the “keeping up with the Joneses” factor. I suffered with this awful problem my first 2 kids.

As I watched my bank account drain, and the piles of baby gear continue to litter my garage I realized that the whole idea of needing what other’s have is a load of crap.

Stick to a budget, don’t envy anyone else’s crap, and buy only what you really NEED. I so wish I could talk to the past self of mine and smack in the face.

Babies are Money Pits!

Thankfully babies are also cute.

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