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What To Do With Your Old Maternity Clothes

If your baby making days are over. Wait, if your baby HAVING days are over (I wouldn’t want to make you celibate, you can still do that baby making thing but uhm, yeah here is where I’m going to shut up.). Let’s start over.

If you have maternity clothes to get rid of, here is how to do it.

make something with your maternity clothes

Take your old maternity clothes and sort into 3 piles follow the rules and end up making money, helping someone and making some fun stuff. If you make some fun stuff and want to gift it to one certain blogger – drop me an email and I’ll send you an address.

1. Consignment

These are the name brand stuff, not the clearance maternity clothes you found at Target. Yes, I know exactly where you got that shirt, because I have it.

2. Donate

My friend Cintia is taking donations for maternity clothes. Also consider giving to a women’s shelter.

3. Repurpose or Upcycle

Anything holy holey or just too ugly to donate or consign make something crafty with them! Check out this fantastically fabulous bracelet, made out of t-shirts people!

maternity clothes recycle

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