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15 Travel Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud and Book Your Next Trip

Whether you are globetrotting or traveling for work, these travel memes are here for laughs about your next getaway.

Traveling is a full of unforgettable experiences. From enjoying new places to unexpected adventures, and of course those hilarious moments that make the journey memorable.

Travel Memes we can all relate to showing the infamous meme with kristen wiig on a plane

Hilarious Memes about Traveling

Travel memes perfectly capture the highs and lows of our adventures, as well as explain our wanderlust to just getaway.

funny travel meme about posting vacation photos
Warn your friends that you’ve been traveling and vacation photos are coming.

So before you embark on your next journey, or reminisce about past trips – let’s dive into some of the funniest travel memes that every traveler can relate to.

I Want to Travel

The reality of wanting to travel but not being able to afford to travel is real. This travel meme nails the reality of so many of us, especially with today’s crazy inflation situation.

how bad do you want to travel meme

Empty Seats on an Airplane

Who doesn’t love it when your travels start off with having no one sitting next to you on an airplane. An empty airplane row is a gift from God.

When the airplane door closes and the seats next to you are still empty

Cheap Plane Tickets

So are we booking the flight or are we paying our bills?

cheap plane tickets vs paying your bills funny meme about cheap travel

Wanderlust Meme

While my friends are walking down the wedding aisle, I’m over here walking the airplane aisle.

travel meme about my friends walking down the wedding aisle while i walk down a plane aisle

Safe Travel Meme

While yes, the news of potential safety issues on airplanes is unsettling prompting for this safe travels meme – there is good news! According to a recent NPR interview: the chances of a passenger being killed on a flight anywhere in the world was 1 in 13.4 million.

safe travels photo of airplane might i suggest not sitting next to the window or exit door

Budget Travel

Why spend $300 on groceries, when you could just spend $3000 on travel?

funny spending money on travel meme how its a nailbiter to spend $300 on grocery but no big deal spending $3000 on travel

Plus, let’s not forget that we will be spending at least $100 at the airport before we even get on the flight. From drinks to snacks, and that cute shirt – vacation spending adds up quick even before you get to your destination.

it wouldnt be a vacation if you didnt spend $100 at the airport before you even get to your destination.

We all have that broke and unemployed friend who somehow makes traveling happen.

when that friend who is always broke posts pics of their latest travels
There is always that one friend who just makes the trip happen even though they are broke.

Traveling with Kids Meme

Parents know the struggle and when it comes to traveling with kids, the struggle is in fact – real. Don’t miss our Are We There Yet memes, that so perfectly capture those dreaded words that kids so often mutter when traveling.

breaking news, if you are traveling with kids it isn't a vacation

Travel Goals

Stop worrying about buying a Louis Vuitton or Gucci. The real life goal is travel. Experience new places, cultures and make memories that won’t go out of style.

the goal isn't gucci, the goal is a passport full of stamps

Unpacking Luggage

The least exciting thing about travel? Packing and unpacking.

people who unpack their luggage meme about people who unpack their suitcase the day they return home from traveling aren't well

Work Travel is the Best

Traveling for work can be like an all-expense paid vacation if you do it right!

funny meme about traveling for work and the company paying for your vacation
This work travel meme says it best. Let the company pay for your vacation.

Solo Travel

After having 4 kids, I can tell you this mom loves solo travel. No responsibilities but your own and the travel itinerary is created by you!

a solo travel meme about the feeling of traveling by yourself with no responsibilities and being able to choose your own travel itinerary

Traveling with Credit Card Points

Girl math is using credit card points to travel and then charing all expenses of the trip back to the card to earn even more points. Just make sure to pay off that balance.

girl math travel with credit card points meme
Funny meme about using credit card points to travel.

Share the Travel Memes

So there you have it—a collection of travel memes to make you laugh, reminisce, and maybe even inspire your next adventure. Because whether you’re planning a big trip or just dreaming of one, there’s always a meme to capture the moment.

Please tell me about traveling even though you posted every single moment of your vacation on facebook
There’s always those people who post every minute of their travels on social media.

Sharing is caring, so post away! Don’t forget to tag us on social @digitalmomblog on Facebook and post this link so more people can enjoy the travel humor. Safe travels and happy laughing!

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