Things to Know Before You Go To a Dallas Cowboys Game

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This past week, our friends at #GoVerizon invited my husband, Betsy and her husband to the Dallas Cowboys game. I’ve lived here in the Dallas area all of my life (minus 7 dreadful months in Arkansas), and I had NEVER been to a Cowboys game.

Dallas Cowboys Football Game

I had no idea what to expect, but woah – being at a Dallas Cowboys game (especially when they are playing the New Orleans’ Saints) is nothing like watching football on TV. I am sure it totally helped that our boys pulled thru and beat the Saints.

dallas cowboys football stadium crowd words 5 Things to Know Before you Go To a Dallas Cowboys Game
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Anywho, with all of the fun – I learned several things about going to a Dallas Cowboys game.

What to Know Before You Go To a Dallas Cowboys Game

Here are 5 things to know before you head out to Arlington, TX and the AT&T Stadium. 

Uber to the Cowboys Game

We recommend taking an Uber to the Dallas Cowboys game. Also plan on taking the Uber from the Cowboys game. Why? People drive crazy and when you Uber – you can enjoy your beer, the ride, conversation with friends and it’s a lot less stress.

Take Uber To Save Money on Parking

Looking to park at the Cowboys game? Be prepared to shell out the big bucks. This is another reason to Uber!

Dallas Cowboys Football Game Parking Lot $100 Sign
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Parking is OUTRAGEOUS at the stadium. Seriously, stores nearby charge $100 to park near the stadium and if you plan on parking in the parking lot – plan on walking. So wear shoes that are walking friendly.

To save money on parking, take a Uber. You will be dropped off right near the stadium. You will be able to drink and get home safely. Believe me, it’s worth the expense – maybe even cheaper. 

Get to the Dallas Game Early and Tailgate!

The first half of the Dallas Cowboys season kickoff time is around 3:25 pm when they play a home game. Go to church or whatever your Sunday morning ritual is then head towards Arlington around noon. 

Things to Do Before the Cowboys Game

Not sure what to do before the game, we got you covered! First, don’t worry about being bored if you just go straight to the stadium. If you arrive super early and looking for things to do in the Arlington area, here are a few suggestions. 

Texas Live

Texas Live is located between the Texas Rangers Stadium and Cowboys Stadium. This entertainment complex is a great place to eat, relax and just enjoy some down time. Texas Live is also a great place to grab a beer and eat. There are a number of restaurants and there is alway something happening!

If you don’t have tickets to the Cowboys game and want to watch the game, Texas Live is your best option. With huge screens and a great crowd – Texas Live is your go to for Cowboy game watching. 

Tailgating Before Cowboys Game

Want to tailgate before Dallas plays? Here is where we tailgated. Fishbone Bar and Grill for the Bill Bate’s tailgate party.

Fishbone Bar and Grill, across from Cowboy’s Stadium
816 N Collins St.
Arlington, TX 76011

Read the Rules for Bags and Purses!

Plan on bringing a CLEAR bag into the stadium. 

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Clear Bag
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You must have a clear bag for the stadium!

Cowboys Stadium has banned bags in general except for small clutches.

What Does AT&T Stadium Consider a Small Clutch to Be?

Get out your ruler, it has to be no bigger than 5 inches by 8 inches, roughly the size of a piece of notebook paper folded in half.

This applies to ALL events at the stadium, NOT just Dallas Cowboy games!

Where to Stay for a Cowboys Game

Need a hotel near Cowboys stadium? We’ve got your hookup! Here are all the Arlington hotel surrounding the stadium with the hotel room prices. 

Hotels Near Cowboy Stadium

Find a hotel for the Cowboy game – just click on a hotel to learn more.

What to Wear to a Dallas Cowboys Game

Trying to decide what to wear to the Dallas Cowboys game? Wear your colors PROUD. A Dallas Cowboys jersey or Cowboys shirt is a must. People are hard core about their football teams and Dallas is NO exception.

dallas cowboy stadium panoramic view people wearing cowboys apparel
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Make sure that if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan and not wearing a shirt, that you are wearing the Cowboys colors: navy blue, white and gray.

The couple in front of us were in black and this kid kept talking smack to them thinking they were Saints’ fans. Nope – they just didn’t choose their clothing color appropriately.

Dallas Cowboys Apparel

Here are a few options for Dallas Cowboy attire:

Join in On Social Media #COWBOYSNATION

When at a Cowboys game (or just watching the Dallas game at home on the couch) – join in on the conversation on social media.

dallas cowboys football game crowd cheering
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Dallas Cowboy Hashtags

For the best in Dallas Cowboys news, follow #cowboysnation #dallascowboys

  • The things with watching football on TV is that ESPN or whatever channel you watch football on shows you ALL the details.
  • Someone gets hurt – you know.
  • Someone scores, you know exactly who and how many yards he ran this game and every game in history.

Well the Dallas Cowboys game, there is SO much going on it’s hard to keep track. Thankfully social media makes it easier to find out what is going on!!

Dallas Cowboys Haters

Also – be ready for the Dallas Cowboy haters. They tend to troll social media. 

Enjoy the game! 

Cowboy Game FAQ

Here are questions we are frequently asked or Googled for in regards to attending a Cowboys Football game:

What to Do For Dallas Cowboys Game? 

Arrive early. Find a ride, uber or be prepared to pay to park (and walk!) Use social media at the game to connect with others. Make sure to wear your Cowboys apparel!

How Much are Souvenirs at a Cowboys Game?

While we don’t have an exact answer – our suggestion – buy your Cowboy Souvenirs ahead of time as everything is marked up. Check our Amazon suggestions above.

How Early Should I Arrive at the Dallas Cowboys Game?

I would make sure to arrive at least an hour early, maybe 90 minutes. There is a lot going on, so you won’t be bored. The stadium is worth walking around, take it all in. The people watching is amazing. Arrive early enough to find parking, your seat, get your beer and nachos and ready to rally the Cowboys to a win!

What Advice Do You Have for Someone Attending a Dallas Cowboys Football Game?

Thanks Verizon for the Dallas Cowboys tickets to the game. 

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  1. Don’t miss the free post game concert located at the west entrance to the stadium. Music begins immediately following the game in “The Corral” where you can enjoy music and libations while waiting for exit traffic to improve.

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