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A Magical Moment: The Birth of a Baby

the birth of a baby

The Birth of a Baby is a Magical Moment

Today is the launch of Disney’s – Disney Baby website. As you may know I blog for Babble, which is owned by Disney. I was told of this “Magical Moments” feature on the site so went check it out and found myself uploading photos of little Zeke tearing up at so many of these little magical moments we’ve had the last 5 months.

The above photo captures so much. After a short, 3 hour labor and the birth of a baby boy named Zeke – I stared in amazement at what God had created and given me. In an instant, the pain of the 39 weeks of pregnancy had vanished. All of my aches, worries and complaints were gone. No sadness in the world could bring down the joy I experienced in this moment. It was indeed a magical moment.

Zeke, someday – your mom will finish your birth story. It’s a beautiful thing that she cries everytime she starts to work on it. (And the reason it’s not done is because she swore it would be in video and she is well, you know OCD about those video things).

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Share your Magical Moment on Disney Baby and Tell Me What Your Most Memorable Moment With Your Baby Is: