Halloween – Fun Costumes, Memes & Crafts for October 31

October 31 is Halloween. I instinctually write this because without fail, come September – the kids ask “WHAT DAY IS HALLOWEEN.” Same time, same place kids – October 31. And Halloween 2021 falls on a Saturday which is great news for kids and parents.

What is Halloween to you? Whether it be decorating for the Autumn season or dressing up your house with all things Halloween, we have a little something for everyone here in regards to the spooky season.

all things halloween
all things halloween

My favorite thing about Halloween is the day itself. It’s like everyone gets a crazy pass at being whoever they want to be. You can walk into Walgreens or drive down the road – and seeing a grown man dressed as a penguin is completely normal. If only every day could be this freeing.

Over the years we have written about different aspects of the holiday. Here you will find everything that’s been written on Digital Mom Blog about Halloween.

Enjoy your holiday, and remember when the kids ask and you know they will ask – Halloween is October 31. 

Reasons Why Halloween is the BEST Holiday

  1. You are not obligated to visit your relatives.
  2. There are no gifts that you have to give to anyone.
  3. People will give you candy for absolutely no reason other than HALLOWEEN.
  4. It’s the only day when it’s socially acceptable to go out in public dressed like a penguin. 

Here are a few our favorite Halloween posts, enjoy!

Maybe you are the best holiday, Halloween! Happy trick or treating!

mariah carey halloween meme
mariah carey halloween meme

I found this Halloween meme and it’s made me appreciate the holiday so much more when putting this into perspective.

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Halloween is a part of the Digital Mom Blog holiday series