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Glitter Memes – 15+ Hilarious Images About The Sparkly Stuff


Let’s sparkle with these funny glitter memes.

I don’t know about you, but I love me some glitter. Today, we are sharing these funny memes about glitter – which are perfect for anyone who knows the love and pain of this art medium.

Best Glitter Memes

Let’s get excited about some sparkle! It’s a week filled with this stuff, did you see our glitter quotes? First quotes and now we got the memes. We are sharing our favorite glitter memes about all the glitter things.

glitter all the things meme
glitter all the things meme

Did someone say GLITTER?

someone say glitter meme
did someone say glitter meme

Glitter Mess Memes

Have you ever accidentally spilled a bottle of glitter? I sure hope not because y’all it is MESSY. These glitter memes are dedicated to the mess that this glittery substance makes.

glitter yoda meme messy it is but glitter you must
glitter yoda meme

Pretend all that you want, that glitter never fails to make a mess.

glitter mess meme pretending that glitter wont make a mess
glitter mess meme

Glitter EVERYWHERE. Want to learn how to clean up glitter, watch this youtube cleaning glitter video to learn the best way to clean up the mess!

glitter everywhere meme
glitter everywhere meme

Glitter, glitter everywhere y’all.

glitter glitter everywhere toystory
glitter meme

Glitter Love

When you love glitter, these are the love memes about glitter for you.

baby yoda glitter meme how i feel when i use glitter
baby yoda glitter meme

Woohoo, GLITTER, glue and surely you won’t make a mess.

woohoo glitter meme
woohoo glitter meme

You said that you wouldn’t glitter all the things. The lie detector determined that was a lie.

glitter meme you said you wouldnt glitter all the things and the lie detector determined that is a lie
glitter meme

Funny Glitter Memes

Here are more funny glitter memes. This one is a take on the old PSA. How many of you have accidentally inhaled glitter. Another not so fun moment with the sparkly stuff.

only you can prevent glitter lung meme
glitter lung meme

Glitter is like herpes – once you get it good luck getting rid of it.

glitter is like herpes meme
glitter is like herpes meme

Glitter All the Things!

If someone tells you that you are using too much glitter stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

funny glitter meme if someone tells you that you are using too much glitter stop talking to them you dont need that kind of negativity in your life
funny glitter meme

Kids and Glitter Memes

If you have ever used glitter with kids or had a kid get into glitter, these kids and glitter memes are for you.

kids glitter meme one does not let kids have access to glitter
kids glitter meme

My face when I think about my kids playing with glitter.

kids and glitter meme my face when i think about my kids playing with glitter
kids and glitter meme

Glitter Happy Birthday Meme

When you want to send a glitter happy birthday meme, here you go. Don’t miss all of our happy birthday memes for sharing.

glitter birthday meme
glitter birthday meme

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