30 Glamorous Glitter Quotes That Will Have You Glistening


We are sharing our favorite motivational glitter quotes to help you sparkle and shine. Have you ever played with glitter? Digital Mom Blog is sharing our favorite quotes about glitter. It’s so messy and goes everywhere. It takes work, but in the end it is the special ingredient that can make a craft or project shine.

Today we are sharing our favorite glitter quotes. If you need a little bit of motivation or fun, we are talking about all the sparkle glitter brings.

best glitter quotes

Best Glitter Quotes

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motivational glitter quote life is better when you are covered in glitter

Funny Glitter Quotes

Glitter is like herps. If you get it, be prepared to have it forever.

funny glitter quote - glitter is like herpes if you get it be prepared to have it forever

I’m 80% glitter and 20% sparkle.

funny glitter quotes - im 80% glitter and 20% sparkle

Throw Glitter Quote

Throw glitter in today’s face.

throw glitter in today's face quote

Put some happy in your day. Don’t miss out on our have a great day memes.

Add Glitter Quote

Think of glitter as fun and sparkle as positivity. Put some positivity and fun into your day.

add glitter to every single day quote

Add a little glitter to every single day. Ever wonder how to make glitter? Using sand you can make your own glitter at home. Watch this how to make glitter youtube video.

Funny Glitter Quote

This funny glitter quote is for those who have sparkled since birth.

when i was a baby i was dropped in a box of glitter and have been sparkling ever since glitter quote funny

When I was a baby, I was dropped in a box of glitter and have been sparkling ever since.

Too Much Glitter

Another way to think of glitter is happy. What if you just spent your day spreading happy. I could only wish to be as positive as a person to be able to do that!

there is no such thing as too much glitter quote

Sometimes glitter isn’t always great.

all that glitters is not golden quote

Glitter Love

More glitter quotes for those who love their sparkle.

glitter is my signature color

Positive Glitter Quotes

Here are positive glitter quotes for sharing. Less bitter. More glitter!

less bitter more glitter quote

Glitter, sparkle and shine – but most of all be kind. Kindness and gratitude is everything. See our gratitude quotes.

glitter sparkle shine but most of all be kind motivational glitter quote

More Quotes about Glitter

Continuing with the sparkly fun, here are more quotes about glitter.

glitter is always an option

One way to never be forgotten is to include glitter in an envelope. I’ll never forget making the mistake of including glitter in a Christmas card. That is one way to make sure that people don’t forget you!

she who leaves a trial of glitter is never forgotten quote

When in doubt, glitter it out!

glitter quote when in doubt glitter it out

More of our favorite glitter quotes:

Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day.

Some girls are born with glitter in their veins.

A little glitter never hurts.

Not all glitter is golden. Not all people are humans.

Glitter is my favorite.

Life is better when you’re covered in glitter.

Leave a little glitter wherever you go.

I’m 80% glitter and 20% sparkles.

When life give you a Monday, you dip that day in glitter and SPARKLE!

If something doesn’t look right, throw some glitter on it. – Adam Lambert

Glitter is for life, not just Christmas!

Life begins to sparkle when we realize our friends are the glitter.

Glitter, sparkle, twinkle and shine!

Darling, you aren’t regular glue. You are glitter glue.

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