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Don’t Stress Over the Stove – Easter Dinner Made Easy!

Another family holiday is right around the corner! Yes folks, Easter this year is on Sunday – April 5th. And yes, just a few weeks away. When thinking about the holiday meal – what is most important to you? Is it slaving over the stove all day or is the being able to enjoy a meal without the worry of cooking. For me, it’s option “B”.

If you have ZERO time to cook a fancy meal but want a meal that tastes yummy – there is a solution! Our friends at HoneyBaked Ham have you covered. We use HoneyBaked Ham often and love working with them on posts like this to share the word on how easy a nice meal for the family can be WITHOUT the stress. HoneyBaked Ham has convenient locations all over the Dallas metroplex (and are nationwide!). By the time you buy all of the groceries needed to make a large homemade meal – HoneyBaked Ham’s meals are comparable in price AND don’t require me to do much work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking and my kids and I do cook together often. But with holiday meals, it is so hard – especially with 4 kids – there is no time to do it all!

Easter Dinner Tip: No one can do it all! Find what is important to you and forget the rest of your worries.

We recently ventured over the north Dallas store and picked up a delicious pre-Easter meal for the family. Izaiah, our 5-year-old is obsessed with HAM. Going to the store, the HAM store was like a normal kid going to Toys-R-Us. So he tagged along. Here’s how easy it is to make a delicious holiday meal without the stress.

Let’s Buy a HoneyBaked Ham


You just walk in, tell them what size ham you are needing (just tell them how about many people you are feeding.) Make sure to get a wee bigger ham – HoneyBaked Ham leftover sandwiches are the BEST.

honeybaked ham sides

Choose your sides. We chose 2 macaroni and cheeses, garlic mashed potatoes and sweet potato soufflé. Each side feeds approximately 4-6 people. You get a discount if you purchase in 2’s. We purchased an extra mac and cheese to feed the kids for dinner one night. These sides taste amazing. I love homemade, but put these in your own dish and you can so pull these off as homemade, they are THAT good.

honey baked ham mustards

Make sure to pick up a mustard. We love smooth and zesty, it’s perfect for leftovers

And that’s it – dinner is planned. Now to go home and get this on the table.

honeybaked ham

Personally, we serve our ham cold.

honeybaked ham sides

The sides take around 50 minutes in the oven from frozen.

Ultimate Easter Dinner

There is our meal. It was delish, despite all of my favorite serving platters and dishes boxed up. I have to keep reminding myself that those things don’t matter at the end of the day.

honeybaked ham macaroni and cheese

Time to enjoy conversations with family and friends. An AMAZING Easter meal. And, one of my favorite things… NO dirty pots and pans! It’s the perfect Easter dinner.


And I mentioned the kids love it, right? This is Izaiah, showing off his ham. And yes, this Easter we will continue to work on manners. (But this kid really loves his ham, the fork slows him down.)