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Colic Baby Help – 5 Things That Help My Colicky Child

Looking for colic baby help? Here is advice from one mom to another.

This is my second go round with a colic baby. The past 10 days I’ve been in denial.

Izaiah is just fussy! Give the poor dude a break he is adjusting to this world we dragged him into.

Nope. I need help and that’s okay. Colic baby help is something anyone with a colicky baby needs.

Colic Baby Help

Last night or I should say this morning at 3:30 am – I let myself accept the fact the dude has colic (or is colic – either way = NOT FUN).

My first child Z was also colicky. With her though, it was just one thing in a series of unfortunate events during her first year. Along with colic, she had a herniated belly button, lactose intolerance, projectile vomiting (acid reflux), and positional plagiocephaly (a flat head).

Colic Baby Help
colic baby help

I have to remind myself, she survived and turned out just peachy. So a kid with JUST colic really isn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things.

This mom needs SLEEP. I am dying here. I can’t let my husband stay up all night as he has to work. I’m on the floor in the game room, hating myself for getting rid of our King bed.  My back hurts amongst other things, and all I want right now is sleep, but I mentioned that, right? 

Advice for Moms with a Colic Baby

All that said, colic baby help is what this mom needs. That and sleep. So here is my colic baby advice for the desperate mom. 

Read Happiest Baby on the Block

The Happiest Baby on the Block book help tremendously with Z, so we’ll be introducing those techniques with I.

Gripe Water

I don’t know what’s in Gripe Water but it can be magical. Many moms swear by it. It didn’t work 100% of the time with our first, but enough for me to use it with this kid.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles

If you are a formula feeder – the Dr. Brown’s bottles are awesome as they make sure no air gets in the bottle! 

Swaddle Blankets

Make sure you have plenty of swaddle blankets. As mentioned in the Happiest Baby on the Block, swaddling helps soothe. 

Ask for Help

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. DO NOT be afraid to ask for help. Colicky babies can be so stressful. Thankfully they are cute when they aren’t crying 🙂 

colic baby
colic baby help – reach out and ask for help!

Chin-up. From one mom to another, you can do this. We can do this. This TOO shall pass. (and good thing you are cute, kid.)

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