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Angry Birds Addiction Syndrome

Before setting your kids down to play Angry Birds, read this information on Angry Birds Addiction. It’s for real people, and I think my son maybe showing signs of this syndrome. Read more and find out if there is a cure.

Angry Birds Addiction

Apparently when people say I am addicted to Angry Birds… they could be serious!

AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) put together the above information that explains Angry Birds Addiction Syndrome.

Did you know people play Angry Birds 200 million minutes a day? Crazy huh??

Soon Angry BIrds will of been downloaded

**Dr. Evil Pinky to Chin**

1 BILLION times!

Here are the facts that AYTM found in their research of Angry Birds Addiction Syndrome:

angry birds addiction

Angry Birds Free standard addition was the most downloaded of the Angry Birds games.

Males 18-24 are the most likely demographic to purchase Angry Birds.

The amount of time gamers spend playing Angry Birds each day equals 16 years of gameplay an HOUR.

Players have hurled over 100 billion angry birds. There are an estimated 100 billion real birds alive on Earth.

The company behind Angry Birds is worth as much as Jet Blue airlines – approximately $1 billion!

Out of 1,000 surveyed, Angry Birds was distributed between the following devices:

  • 32% iPhone
  • 33% iPod Touch
  • 15% iPad
  • 41% Android
  • 25% PC
  • 6% Other

Out of 1,000 surveyed, Angry Birds users say that playing Angry Birds made them feel:

  • 6% Very Anxious
  • 17% Somewhat Anxious
  • 22% Neither Relaxed nor Anxious
  • 32% Somewhat Relaxed
  • 23% Very Relaxed

Players that are single are 9x more likely than married players to have their mood deteriorate while playing Angry Birds compared to other games.

When playing Angry Birds, gamers felt addicted:

  • 16% Never
  • 54% Occasionally
  • 15% Often
  • 13% Always

Michael Chorost, Ph. D. explains in Psychology Today why Angry Birds is so addictive.

  1. It’s simple with no learning curve to get going.
  2. It’s rewarding – we get primitive pleasure in blowing stuff up. Yeah, we are talking to you Pigs!
  3. It’s realistic – the physics of the game are just as you’d expect.
  4. It’s funny – the creatures’ sounding, laughing and backflips.

On combination, this fiendish mix of elements wreaks havoc on the biochemistry of our brains.

All that dopamine release makes you compulsively want to know what will happen when you fling the next bird.

Some of us are more susceptible to this dopamine floating around in our synapses and keep flinging and flinging and firing.

Who seems most susceptible to this compulsive addictive behavior?

Those 18-34 – you are 3X as likely to answer that you OFTEN or ALWAYS feel addicted to playing Angry Birds

If you are single – you are 2X likely to answer that you are OFTEN or ALWAYS feeling addict after playing Angry Birds.


You can delete the app. 12% of people who have played Angry Birds 25+ times have deleted it in order to prevent from playing it anymore.

Another 12% have seriously thought of choosing this radical cure but have no taken the step.

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Are You Addicted to Angry Birds? Have You Ever Deleted the App to Stop From Playing?