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6 Months Old – Happy Half Birthday Izaiah

Dear Izaiah,

Today you are 6 months old. Our time together is flying by. I accidentally blinked and half a year passed.

Half Birthday Izaiah - 6 months old

These last several months have been those of adjustment. We went from a family of 4 to a family of 5. My work schedule is crazier than ever and I feel like I don’t get to spend enough time with you. I do make it a point, anytime I can to be there holding and loving you and your sweet face.

| 6 Months Old - Happy Half Birthday Izaiah

You were meant for this family, and each day that is more and more confirmed. You just fit right into our crazy.

Every day you are learning something new. Your latest trick is trying to sit up all by your self.  You love to eat and play in your food. I shouldn’t admit this publically, but your dad may have fed you a cheeseburger from McDonald’s already. I know, let those judgey moms judge, but this boy loves to eat. 

6 months old eating cake

You can say MA-MA, but usually, it’s just when you are mad. And DA-DA but that one you’re still working on.

And you LOVE LOVE LOVE your brother and sister.  Z & E would do anything for you.  I have a feeling you’re going to have no problem getting your way or anything you want from them.

the kids

You just smile and we all melt. You have a cute little faux hawk (fake mohawk) and a smile that gets you whatever you want.


We prayed for you for years. It was a long time coming, but now we know. why it took so long for you to make your way to our family. God had something special and that something special is you. That long wait that felt so painful, was so worth it.

You are the perfect fit for our family. You are oh so loved. You make our grey days happy and our happy days perfect. I can’t thank God enough for you.

Happy half birthday, baby boy! We love you,


izaiah 6 months old