8 Minecraft Crafts for Miners


Minecrafters have we got a treat for you – Minecraft Crafts! Get out your hot glue guns and get ready to start crafting, in real life instead of online.

minecraft crafts

Minecraft Crafts

Minecraft Creeper Bead Keychain

minecraft keychain


Using Perler beads, make this Minecraft creeper keychain. This Minecraft craft is so easy, a 6-year-old can do it! Check out the video how to below.

Download the Keychain Template

Minecraft Creeper

minecraft creeper craft

Using 896 Perler beads, create this 3 dimensional Minecraft Creeper! Learn how to make this craft on instructable.com.

20 Sided Minecraft Die

minecraft die

Download this template and create a 20-sided Minecraft die from pixelpapercraft.com

Minecraft Creeper Pillow

minecraft creeper pillow

The perfect gift for grandma to make! Get the complete tutorial on instructables.com

Minecraft Creeper Doll

minecraft creeper doll

Pick up some green fleece and create this Minecraft Creeper doll. Check out the instructions on instructables.com

Or if you aren’t crafty, just buy a stuffed animal – Creeper doll from Amazon:


  1. I love all these Minecraft crafts!! I also like Minecraft Blocks Craft we made with our boys here: http://devotedtomaker.com/2015/05/14/make-your-own-minecraft-blocks-less-than-4-00-to-make-free-download-minecraft-printable/