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Toddler Talk

Toddlers – Let’s talk toddlers. The toddler years can be the most fun and trying time in raising a child. 

I know, *sigh* TODDLERS.

toddlers making diaper changes look like mma cage fights since the dawn of time

Those dreaded years of terror, and not. I mean, on one hand the toddler years are the greatest and then on the other hand – holy hell HOW IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO SURVIVE THIS!?!?! But, with these crazy years, there are funny, memorable memories made. 

Surviving The Toddler Years

Good news friends, we survived the toddler years – FOUR TIMES. Yes, we have four kids and somehow we made it thru. Our last 2 children are 16 months apart. We had 2 toddlers at once and sweet Jesus, somehow we survived.

Sure, it cost us a lot of money thru destroyed property and ER visits – and my husband’s hair loss… but people we made it and so can you. 

Here are on Toddler Talk posts that were created thru those insane years.

Thru those toddler years, I documented some of the wins and losses. You will find those posts here:

Do you love memes as much as we do? If you are a parent, here are a few you will NOT want to miss!

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