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Toddlers and Screen Time

Toddler screen time – how much is too much? 

The older our kids get, naturally the more screen time they want. This includes our 2 year old toddler, Izaiah. Izaiah’s newest obsession is the iPad. He spends time watching his favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba. I have to say it’s quite amazing watching his brain work while interacting with the tablet. These kids just get it.

Toddler Screen Time – How Much Is TOO Much?

Our toddler loves to sit on my lap and for me to open up Photo Booth on the Mac. He loves to make all kinds of faces and then loves to look at all of the pictures we had just taken of him. How can a 2 year old mind get what some adults just can’t grasp? I guess this is what you call a digital native.

So yes, the iPad keeps the toddler entertained and provides a source of education – but the million dollar question is….

toddler screen time tips
Toddler Screen Time Tips

The truth of the matter is the limit on screen time should be decided by each parent and most likely will be different for each child.

What works for one family – another family might think is absurd – and likewise – isn’t that how most parenting topics go? (Funny how that works!) I really don’t think there is an absolute answer!

While I would love to say that we are working the technology tickets – truth is we’re coming off a long summer and screen time hasn’t been limited. My kids run and play, they see the outdoors and they interact with other kids.

Our older kids even read several books this summer (actual PHYSICAL books!). Until they stop wanting to do those things – I’m not so picky about their screen time limits IF their screen time is including something that is helping my kids and toddlers learn.

Screen time in our house is about 20% television – 30% computers – 50% tablets (either Apple iPad or Kindle Fire). Each child has different limits on how much time they can have on screens.

This also depends on our schedules. If we are in the car for a long period of time – toddler screen time limits are raised. On long trips, I will say limits are whatever in the car (until meltdown – of course!).

At home we do try to enforce more structure in regards to screens.

Thais is what works for us. I know as our kids grow and technology evolves – these will change.

Toddler Technology Topics

What are your thoughts on how much screen time should Toddlers have?

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