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Toddler Messes – Oh the Messes They Make

Toddler messes – maybe I need not say more! While I had planned to write on a different topic this week, yesterday was a doozy and toddler messes became apparent as the subject I needed to write about. Let’s talk messes. I’m not talking spaghetti face, while that’s messy – I’m talking those messes that make you want to pull out your hair.

Toddler Messes

toddler messes

Where there is a mess to be made, my toddler will find it. Before I go on to talk abou the destruction that’s occurred in recent days, I should say – that my toddler, Izaiah is our third child of 4. While our first 2 weren’t perfect, Izaiah has far exceeded them in the area of toddler messes. I do think this has a lot to do with the enormous size of my 2 year old. He is a good head above other 2 year olds and looks like he’s 4 – but he’s only 27 months. He can reach counter tops and other objects that most typical 2 year olds can’t reach, enabling him to get into trouble — a lot more trouble. This just goes to show that each child is different.

Oh Izaiah the messes you’ve made. Yesterday started before he was even awake. I was feeding our baby breakfast and noticed something on our window seat in the kitchen. Upon further inspection, he had spilled a full cup of root beer that his older brother had poured and forgotten about all over the window seat. It wasn’t just the window seat that was devoured. There were the windows, blinds, every crack and crevice of the moulding and floor board, oh  and a good 4×4 area (in the corner) of the kitchen floor. Apparently this had happened the night before, with no one telling mom. The root beer syrup was thick and took an hour of scrubbing with soap and hot water to get up. Thank GOD the ants didn’t find this!

Take it all of this happened yesterday, so you can get a good idea of how my day went. I watch my kids, the first 3 happened while I was 5 feet away from him!

Dog Food – Izaiah decided to feed the dogs, which meant spilling a good gallon of dog food all over the floor in the kitchen, the dogs eat outside.

Sun Chips – He opened a bag of Sun Chips and fed them to his toothless brother, and proceeded to yell at the baby like the baby had opened them.

toddler mess

Coke Zero – I left my Coke Zero on the table half full after dinner. Izaiah climbed on the table to get a sip, and spilled it. It dripped under the kitchen table, which our baby was crawling under. Needless to say the baby’s head was covered in Coke Zero.

coke zero spilled

After the Coke Zero incident he was given a bath. Within 30 minutes, his hair was covered in a white substance. It ended up being baby formula. I swear, I can’t make this stuff up.

Baby Crib – He can climb in his brother Zeke’s baby crib. While Zeke was sleeping, Izaiah thought he needed a friend. He woke him up by jumping in the crib and then jumping. Non-stop, tearing down the mobile from the ceiling.

And those were the toddler messes from yesterday.

There has been the countless poo parties in the crib, the oatmeal all over every floor, the marker up the wooden stairs, walls and on the couch, the drawing all over your baby brother, the endless water play in the toilet, oh child – I know you have a bright future ahead of you, but can we calm it with the messes??

We’ll talk about rebellion some other time (running around the house away from me, yelling no all while dragging a dog leash – sound familiar?). And I wonder why no one cares to watch him. haha

Last week we talked about toddler discipline. We try to enforce time outs, but it’s a process.

Dude, Don’t Hurt Yourself!

For now, my goal is to limit his freedom and keep an eagle eye on him. The toddler messes I can clean, my major worry is him hurting himself.

Let’s Keep It Positive

Something that I am trying to stop is making any reference to the toddler being a brat or bad or ornery in his presence. While he maybe all of those things, words hurt and I really don’t want to him to hear negative. He’ll have the rest of his life of people talking him down, as his mom I need to be the positive in his life.

{ Toddler Messses is part of the Digital Mom Blog series Toddler Talk  }

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