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5 Things My Toddler Has Learned from the iPad

Toddlers and iPad learning is something that has fascinated me. While yes, I am a digital mom who is constantly trying to find a good screen time balance for my kids – we whole heartedly embrace technology with kids.  I admit, my 2 year old Izaiah spends more screen time that the normal toddler probably does. I really am not fretting it too much, because my toddler’s screen time is on the iPad and what he has learned has amazed me!

While we introduced the iPad early on in Izaiah’s life, watching him learn the device and how to work it has continually amazed me. Izaiah is 30 months and over the last 2 months has totally taken to this device as his preferred toy of choice.
Toddler iPad Learning – Yes! Toddlers do learn from iPads.

5 Things My Toddler Has Learned from the iPad

Learning How to Count

Use the Youtube Kids app and find learning to count videos. Find one with a catchy song and your kid will be counting in no time! (Though, sorry some of these songs become total ear worms!)

How to Take Photos

I adore getting Google+ notices that photos have uploaded to my account. Why? These are the typical types of pics that get uploaded from the iPad by the toddler.

toddler photo from ipad

How to Take Care of an iPad

taking care of the ipad

I’ll admit that more than 1 time we have found FOOTPRINTS on our kid’s iPad screen. Yep, they just walk right over it — another reason I suggest buying a Otterbox iPad case when toddler talk letting the kids use an iPad. But all that said, as Izaiah has gotten older, he has learned how to use an iPad properly and you know, not throw it down the stairs (AGAIN).

We have a USB wall plug that we keep an iPad cord attached to. Izaiah has learned when the battery is dead that he can go plug it in to play again.

The iPad has become a bargaining chip with our toddler. Hey I’m all about doing whatever works in regards to parenting – don’t judge!

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Quiet Time

I love Izaiah with all of my heart, but the dude does not sit still. He has NEVER enjoyed television, he found it boring. With the iPad he loves the interactivity. He can sit and play with it for hours (if I would let him – okay, yes I do when we are in the car or on road trips).

As a work at home mom, I quit my job to spend more time with my kids. Truth is though – I need down time too. I can’t do all of my work at night, and sometimes I just need the toddler occupied for an hour while I churn thru email or a blog post. This gives me the time I need to do what I need to do.


This one – well it’s a toddler iPad learning in progress. We are still working on sharing. We had an iPad for the kids, and well – let’s just say this is a work in progress. Read 5 Ways to Help Teach Children Sharing.

New Normal Childhood

As I said before, finding the technology balance for kids is an on-going challenge. Knowing and understanding technology will help my child as he grows, but that doesn’t mean his childhood is spent in front of the screen. We believe in a new normal childhood. Outside time yes, but instead of the endless hours of cartoons on the television like I had as a kid, my toddlers will have hours in front of an iPad learning (and yes, watching Netflix).

Do You Embrace Toddler iPad Learning?

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