5 Tips for Surviving Toddler Haircuts

5 Tips for Surviving Toddler Haircuts

Toddler Haircuts – those words make my brain itch (yes, that’s possible – because I said so).

Both of our toddlers are in need of a haircut. This will be Zeke’s first haircut. Izaiah’s hair is looking shaggy in a not cute way, so looks like it’s time to head to the local kid hair salon for a hair whacking.

Having 3 boys with very thick hair, so needless to say I feel like we are getting haircuts every week (more like every 6 weeks). Here are some things I’ve learned along the way about surviving toddler haircuts. 

5 Tips for Surviving Toddler Haircuts

Tips for Toddler Haircuts

1. Make Sure Your Toddler is Fed and Rested

A happy fed toddler is a lot easier to calm down and keep still than a tired hungry toddler. Try to bring your toddler when he is in his best mood (I see you rolling your eyes).

2. Prepare Your Toddler For the Haircut

toddler haircut needed

I have found that if I get my toddler in the right mindset for getting a hair cut, it helps a lot more than if I just spring on a surprise trip. Also, maybe not using the word “hair cut” maybe “hair trim” might make the situation better. Cut is just not a good word in a toddler’s mind.

Make the hair cut place an exciting adventure. LIE and make it the best place ever, not the germ-infested kiddie scream fest that it actually is.

3. Kids Hair Salon

We have tried several hair cut places and at the end of the day, we’re sticking to kid hair salons from now on. Yes, they do cost a bit more but the truth of the matter is, they work only with

toddler haircuts at snip its kids hair cut

Snip-It’s is one of the kid hair cut places we frequent.

kids and know how to handle melt downs and moving heads.  Plus, the kid hair salon we go to has a TV, videos, video games and what not to keep your child entertained. Oh and don’t forget the fun race car they get to sit in while getting their hair cut!

We took our oldest son to a generic hair cut place when he was 2. The man was SO MEAN to my son, screaming at him, and holding his head down like he was a dog. Let’s just say it didn’t end pretty. My son feared getting his hair cut for the longest time.

Call your kid hair salon and find out if they have discount days. They also offer an after-school special on certain days as well as home school discounts. We don’t home school but since we can go mid-day, we save $5 on the hair cut. $5 x 3 is $15 – and that my friends is a cute pair of flats from Target, or a manicure.

And if You Don’t Go To A Kids Salon…

If you don’t have a kids hair salon near you, or prefer to go to another hair stylist, do make the experience as fun as possible. I read somewhere a recommendation to put stickers all over your child’s clothes once they sit down for a haircut. That will help distract them for what is about to happen.

Another suggestion is to bring a Bumbo for your toddler to sit in. Make sure you hold them, but the Bumbo chairs act as a great booster, especially if the hair salon doesn’t frequent kids.

Come up with a creative way to engage your child with the water and the clippers. Tell your toddler the water is rain and the clippers are a race car. Make it fun, and silly and as painless as possible.

4. Stay With Your Child During the Hair Cuttoddler haircut tips

While your a toddler hair cut can be hell, a toddler left alone to get their hair cut is surely a frightening sight! I have multiple kids and know the pains of trying to juggle many. I make sure each child has my attention while getting a hair trim. Put the baby in the stroller, or leave her home.

It never fails that I end up holding my toddler’s head so that the hair stylist can get a somewhat straight cut around the ears and neck. Be of assistance where you can be, your toddler will appreciate you more than a stranger telling him to hold still.

5. The Art of Bribing a Toddler

I have no problems bribing my toddler. Our kid hair salon has a bucket of suckers that they keep out on the counter. If our toddler is good during his hair cut, he’ll get a sucker.
MOM CONFESSION:  In all honestly sometimes, I just stick a sucker in his mouth during the hair cut to help keep him from screaming. You gotta do what you gotta do.

DIY Toddler Haircut

Occasionally I’ll pull out the clippers and do a touch-up on the boys in-between hair cuts. With toddler hair cuts, I typically prefer to just let a professional hair dresser do it. With my daughter’s hair, I’m scarred from many years of my mom cutting my bangs too short so I always take her to a professional.

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What Tips Do You Have for Toddler Haircuts?


Goodbye Summer – Hello Preschool

Goodbye Summer – Hello Preschool

goodbye summer fun

Saying goodbye to summer is bitter sweet.  We had a summer bucket list that we didn’t quite complete, because – well life got in the way. Toddlers have taught me just to roll with whatever happens in life – blessings and curses. Thankfully, these situations were blessings!

sibling love

While the season didn’t go exactly as we planned, I think the toddlers had a fun few months using their older siblings for piggy back rides,  loving on their older siblings, playing in the water and enjoying a few boring days of doing nothing. Now that you are an adult, don’t you just long for those boring days? I do.

The sleeping in until the toddlers wake up. The no schedule, no routine. The late late nights. All of that are just about GONE. Goodbye summer, you will be missed.  With summer going bye-bye, we have a plethora of new adventures that await us.  Our first big adventure for the toddlers is starting a new preschool.

New Preschool

The toddlers started a new preschool during the summer months. Unfortunately, while we thought we had a spot for the fall – plans fell through, so next week they will be starting another school. The school they were in during the summer is ran by the lady who taught our older kids from 2 until Kindergarten. I swear she’s the modern Mary Poppins.

goodbye summer

So this new preschool, is this little school that the boys visited during the winter. It’s nothing fancy, but the people are good people and that’s what I want for my boys. The women who run the school all exude this southern charm that I adore, you know: honey, sweetie, baby…  Some hate it, I love it. Several of the teachers are grandmas. Well I don’t know if they really are grandmas, but you know some people just have that grandma like quality to them. Yes, I am judging, but in a good way.

All that said, I know the boys will be loved on and that’s what is most important at 2-years-old and 3-years-old.

Headed back to school? Check out these 15 ways to get into the back to school routine,

Toddler Backpack Shopping

Part of saying goodbye summer, is the last minute rush to get ready for the school year. I feel like the last 2 weeks have been spent shopping, which typically I would love – but for back to school stuff, not so much and at brick and mortars? No thanks. I’m a tech mom who buys toilet paper and coffee online. But alas with this school $#|+ I must actually leave the house – what a pain!

While out and about, one of the things I wanted to do was get the toddlers new backpacks since we were already at the mall and all. The toddler backpacks I liked the most were at Children’s Place.  We showed the boys the backpacks, and they chose their favorites. I had no idea these toddler boys would be so opinionated, they know what they want. Izaiah chose the monster. Zeke chose the puppy. How fitting, I KNOW. Backpacks to match their personality. How cute are they? Oh and the toddler backpacks are cute too… They adore these things.

toddler backpacksgoing to preschool

Poop Everywhere

Psst… this is a reality moment that some may find TMI. Sorry this is real life here people….

Yesterday evening, I took the older kids out for the night. We had some school shopping to do and I wanted to take them out to dinner and just enjoy some time with them. I call home to check on the toddlers, which I now wish I hadn’t.

toddler infestation

*phone rings*

Me: Hey
Husband: Can’t talk.
Me: Uhm, is everything okay?
Husband: NO, POOP EVERYWHERE – floor, Zeke’s feet, wall.
Me: Is Izaiah sick?
Husband: No. He’s. No. STOP LAUGHING. I really gotta go, there is poop everywhere.

*hangs up*

Apparently, Izaiah pooped. It landed on the hall floors (thank GOD for hard floors). Zeke proceeded to step in it. And the wall, I have no idea but thank you sweet Jesus for the invention of the steam cleaner. Yes, I know TMI. Folks, I feel obligated to give you what reality is, as if you have toddlers – you are living this too. If you have girls, most likely it involves make-up and not poop, but you get my point.

Goodbye Summer Days

Goodbye summer – we will miss you, but not your 100+ degrees that you keep bringing Texas.

Until Next Week

Wishing you a week of sane toddlers and minimal messes….

This orange moscato is from me to you… virtually of course. You deserve it mom. *cheers* 


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Toddler Talk is a Digital Mom Blog series

Let’s Talk Toddlers

Let’s Talk Toddlers

Let’s talk toddlers! A lot going on around here in toddler land. With 2 termites toddlers, life doesn’t stop, and neither does the OMG and LOL with these boys around.

toddler talk

toddler talk

I posted this photo to Instagram this past week. I so adore that the toddler boys finally took a loving photo together. This photo wasn’t forced, no bribery or look at the camera and say cheese was involved. They really do love each other, and now I have the photo to prove it.

He Peed in a Cup

Maybe it’s the insane heat – but the boys, specifically Izaiah has been goofy as ever. They never cease to amaze me. Like last night, Sean screams for me in the bathroom where he is bathing the boys. I run in to learn that Izaiah has decided to pee in the cup we wash their hair with and then dump it into the water. And Zeke decides to copy Izaiah with a boat, except he doesn’t know how to pee on-demand, so let’s just say the boat is being violated. Whee!

Modern Mary Poppins

We have 2 weeks left of summer, which I had thought would be the end of the boys at their school. We got a call last night letting us know there are openings for both of them! I am stoked as their teacher is the modern-day Mary Poppins. She taught both Z & E from the time Z was 2 and E was an infant. I just did the math in my head, that’s 8-years…. woah.

2 Years of Zeke

2 year old toddler


Like a bad mom, I forgot to post about Zeke turning 2 years old. Fortunately he isn’t old enough yet to type in digitalmomblog.com and see that I didn’t include a specific post for him. BUT if he types in babble.com/toddler he should see that I wrote him a letter.

7 Reasons You Don’t Want to Eat With Our Toddlers at a Restaurant


You don’t want to eat at a restaurant with our toddlers. Hell, their own grandparents don’t care to eat with them at restaurants!  Say what you want to (yes, I am looking at you – the person who commented that children should know how to behave at restaurants on FB) – the moment we hit a restaurant, all memory of anything we have taught them in regards to manners and do’s and NO’s are thrown out the window.

Moms Revel How They Get Their Kids to Eat

how to get kids to eat

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Tattoo Sleeve Shirts for Toddlers

tattoo shirts for toddlers

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First Day of Preschool Photo Prop

Print your first day of school sign

We are getting ready for back to school with the older 2 kids.  Are your little one’s starting preschool or mother’s day out? Here is the ultimate first day of preschool photo prop – it’s a printable sign!  I made these adorable free first day of school signs. Yes, even customized for preschool (and all the way through college should you have older kids!) Take a photo of your cutie on their first day (and send me a pic to post!)

Let’s Talk Toddlers

I’m always look for fun toddler topics to yipe about, drop me a line at molly at digital mom blog dot com or a comment below.

Ai-ya-ya, that was my attempt at whatever Ricky Ricardo says when Lucy does something insane.  Yeah, my husband makes this face oh about 20 times a week. You would think he would of gotten use to the toddler chaos by now, but yeah – not so much.

ricky ricardo

How to Throw a Potty Training Party

How to Throw a Potty Training Party

how to throw a potty partyThrow a potty party? Yes, let me explain. We are a month into potty training and oh BOY what a fun month it’s been *insert eye roll*.  At the end of March, our 3-year old Izaiah kept pulling his diaper off after he did his business. My husband threw his hands in the air and declared we were potty training him

While some people are anxious to get their kids potty trained, I was not one of them. See – the first 2 kids we had a wonderful sitter who started the process around 18-months and our kids were potty trained with no issues all while we are at work.  My work is now at home and the toddlers are with me most of the time. I’ve never had to (or wanted to) go thru this process but I guess it was time.

Read: When to Start Potty Training

We originally started potty training with the potty training potty in the living room. Thankfully we don’t have carpet in much of the house. Izaiah turned the potty training potty into a car and would scoot it everywhere. The last thing he wanted to do in it – well was potty.

We then tried the be naked and we’ll run you to the potty whenever you need to go – and yeah, that just resulted in me cleaning up urine and feces from various places (GAG!)

Last up – We decided on throwing a potty party.  (more…)

Toddler Teeth Knocked Out (Or So We Thought!)

Toddler Teeth Knocked Out (Or So We Thought!)

MISSING TODDLER TEETH. Scary thought, right? Wanna know something even scarier – IT HAPPENED TO US. Crazy story that I have to tell you about our toddler, Izaiah. I’ll give you the whole run down, but the Cliff Note’s version is that he knocked his teeth into his GUMS. That’s right, insane. Keep reading… 

Missing Toddler Teeth

OMG, what a week it has been. Well actually, since last Thursday we have been in a downward spiral – grasping at any positive we can get.

teeth knocked into gums

Last Thursday, Izaiah had fallen asleep for his nap on the floor. He hadn’t been feeling well – and anytime this boy will sleep – we take it, even if it means it’s on the floor. And you don’t move him because well – he won’t go back to bed.

I am on the couch talking to our realtor when I hear a blood-curdling scream. I am running thru the house trying to find Izaiah. I find him on the floor of the kitchen, crying. I pick him up, still on the phone and go to tell our realtor I’ll call him back when I notice my arm is covered in blood. Oh the panic in both me and him was too much.

toddler knocked out teeth

It appears that Izaiah was half awake when he went to sit on the chair (something he does several times a day) and fell (which he has done before). Poor buddy!

The first thought I had, was Izaiah must have hit his head. We experienced staples in the head before with E, so immediately jumped to that conclusion. Nope. No bleeding from the head. Oh, he must of bit his lip or tongue. I go to look in his mouth and sheer horror when I see that Izaiah has missing teeth. It looks like 2 or 3 of his teeth are broken off. I am in a state of FREAK OUT at this point.

Fortunately, my husband was working from home and Zeke was napping. We scoured the kitchen floor looking for his teeth – our toddler’s teeth were nowhere to be found.

Teeth Knocked Into His Gums

We made a few phone calls and rushed Izaiah to the pediatric dentist. The pediatric dentist was amazing. There was a room

There was a room set up for us in the back to not disturb other patients. They must have known he can be a screamer. This gave us have privacy while being treated, which for this kid – is essential. 

toddler teeth dentist

Izaiah went thru x-rays to find that his teeth actually were still in his mouth. The white spots that I thought were broken teeth are actually his baby teeth just knocked back into his gums. His gums were just EXTREMELY swollen as well due to the injury.

Boy Injury

Izaiah’s baby teeth were knocked into his gums. They are still there, and what I was seeing when I thought his teeth were knocked out were his teeth. CREEPY. CRAZY. PAINFUL. Yes. Yes and more YES. KNOCKED into his gums is the last thing I could ever imagine.

So if you are the praying type, please say a little prayer for Izaiah.

The dentist explained that the teeth should re-emerge when they want to. He is on antibiotics to help prevent infection. Poor buddy is dealing with this better than I thought but is not liking having to be on a “soft” diet for a week. (He learned the hard way when he snuck a Frito why he shouldn’t eat chips!!)

My poor little boy, with 2 missing front teeth, how my heart hurts for your pain.


Have You Experienced Toddler Teeth Terror?

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