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How to Potty Train Your Child in 18 Months!

All of you over achievers who potty train your child in 3 days, good for you. This mom is an under achiever and proud of it.t I am so happy to report that after 18 months of hell – we have completely potty trained our 4 year old toddler Izaiah. No more pull-ups for this – oh wait, never mind I still have 1 more kid to train.

Potty Train Your Child in 18 Months!

potty training

We started the potty training adventure with Izaiah at 3, he wasn’t ready. We pushed it off until he was 3.5 and after 6 months, we were getting somewhere.

Check out our potty training party!

Starting Potty Training

By the time a year rolled around, we were good with undies during the day and then at night and during naps, it was pull-ups. We slowly weaned off of pull-ups during nap time and now – after 18 glorious months, I am happy to report our 4-year-old child is finally potty trained.

We have been working with Zeke and he will totally pee for sugar. Cookie, candy, marshmallows – he doesn’t care. So GOD willing, it won’t take too long with him. BONUS: I just found out that his pre-school requires him to be potty trained to attend the 3 year old class. Dude turns 3 in 2 weeks – and school starts in 5 weeks. I guess we should get on it.

I admit, with our first 2 kids – we were totally spoiled by a teacher who had both Z & E potty trained fully by the age of 3. So this whole potty training thing to us, yeah I think we may just be better at learning Hebrew.

Light Up Toilet Seat

Our friends at Kohler, in addition to sending us a magic flushing toilet – also sent us a laser light up toilet seat!

It glows in the dark with an LED light that lasts 7 hours. I totally attribute this to helping my kid want to pee in the middle of the night.

kohler light up toilet seat for potty training

Thanks Kohler!

Tell me I’m not alone! How long did it take you to potty train your toddler??