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How to Use Pinterest App

Pinterest releases an app! Our favorite website for all the ideas (we are self-admitted Pinterest Addicts) has an app. Well, an app for iOS. Not yet, Android.


Pinterest App for Android?

Pinterest Android users are upset that the social network has snubbed Android users by not creating an app.

On September 13, Pinterest took to their blog and announced:

We believe that mobile is extremely important, and mobile users should have a world-class Pinterest experience. Our goal is to make Pinterest available to anyone, anywhere they go. In support of this, we released a big update to our iPhone app last month, but lack of bandwidth on our end has left Android and other smartphone users in the dark.

At this time they were announcing the addition of their mobile searching. So stay tuned!  A Pinterest Android app is on it’s way.

Pinterest Apps First to iOS

Like several apps, they tend to start on iPhone and then migrate to Android after seeing successes. Case in point? Angry Birds and Words with Friends. The Pinterest app is currently available for the iPhone – but can be downloaded on the iPad. Looking forward to using the Pinterest app for Kindle Fire (Android) whenever that gets in motion!

How to Use Pinterest on iPhone

Pinterest apps available for the iPhone and iPad

Overview of the Pinterest App

  • The Pinterest app is free
  • Available on the iPhone and iPad
  • Similar but different to the site
  • Allows you to pin from your phone
  • Allows all the standard Pinterest functions – pinning, repinning, following and liking

 Download the Pinterest iPhone App – FREE