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10 Signs That You Are a Pinterest Addict

Dear Pinterest Addict, this post is for you. The first step is admitting you are an addict.

Let’s talk about your Pinterest addiction. Yes, Pinterest addicts, I am talking to You. So this Pinterest site that I talked about – well it’s more than a site – it’s now a lifestyle. Well my husband calls it my Pinterest addiction.

Pinterest has grown by leaps and bounds and is sucking people in turning them into pinning fools.

10 Signs That You Are a Pinterest Addict:

Are You Addicted to Pinterest?

pinterest addict

Here are 10 signs that you maybe. You are a Pinterest addict IF….

1. Your grocery list is created from recipes you have pinned on Pinterest.

Confession. I can’t tell you how many miscellaneous grocery items my pantry now stores of recipes I intended to make but have yet to. Homemade granola – I will make you!


2. You have told at least 5 people about your latest Pinterest project and then told them YOU HAVE TO GET ON THIS THING.

My poor next door neighbor and friend Julie. I know they are both like SHUT UP about PINTEREST, but people – you don’t understand the greatness of this site.

3. Your husband now asks after you make something fabulous for dinner or dessert – did you find this on Pinterest?

It’s better than “what is Pinterest again?”.  Yes, I had to sit my husband down and show him. He wasn’t too amused but he hasn’t been complaining about those yummy meals either! (My husband has joined Pinterest!)

4. You wrestle 4 kids into Hobby Lobby (or a craft store) just to get that much needed yarn for this wreath you pinned for fall.

No comment on this one. 🙂

5. Pinterest makes you secretly feel like Martha Stewart, minus the bad hair cut.

Oh Martha.


6. You have tried to pull off a Pinterest recipe as your own. Oh come on, you know you have.

Again, no comment.

7. A day hasn’t gone by in the last week without mentioning the word Pinterest.

Guilty as charged *pinterest*.

8. Pinterest has cost you more money than you care to admit.

If I could just finish all of the projects I started it would be worth every penny!

9. Your non-Pinterest friends look at you like you are a freak when you talk about your latest “food in a jar” find.

🙂 See #2

10. You have spent more than 3 hours in 1 sitting pinning because you JUST CAN NOT STOP.

3 hours pssh.. I feel like maternity leave when not caring for baby has been sucked in by this site. But I’m not complaining.

11. You REPIN this post 

Thanks for all of the likes and repins on this! Repin if you too are a Pinterest addict! (it’s okay, there are millions of us – now)

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Do You have a Pinterest Addiction? Are you a Pinterest addict?

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