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MarcoPolo Ocean App for Toddlers

MarcoPolo Ocean App for Toddlers – I only do a handful of app reviews now a days but my boys loved this so had to share.

MarcoPolo Ocean App

I just want to share this toddler app with you that was a surprise find. Like all things here, if I don’t like it – you won’t see it here. We only review things we love and I recently found an app that falls into the LOVE category.

marco polo ocean app review

Life happens. Our baby gets sick. I download the app – haven’t had a chance to look at it. As I was laying on the bed next to him working, our toddler loads up the app and starts playing with the Ocean app.

He is 2 and while he loves the iPad, he totally has app ADD. There isn’t one app that he can stay interested in, that was until MarcoPolo Ocean app. He loves this app and after watching him play, I totally get it.

With a fun theme, OCEAN – the app offers delightful beachy music, great graphics and an array of options for kids.

build your own ocean

The app offers a puzzle element, where kids can find various sea animals in different ocean settings (think reef, in a submarine, on a boat).

There is also a play feature where your kids can put various fish into the ocean and feed them.

A few things I love about this app is how well it’s done. The graphics are crisp and you can tell attention to detail was key in building the app. Also, there are multiple layers. On the second screen you see an ocean. Well scroll down and you can dive deep into the sea. As you go down, there are various sea life and the music changes.

toddler app review

From an educational stand point, this app teaches your child about the various fish and sea creatures inhabiting the ocean. With each introduction of a new creature or thing, a voice explains what it is and how it works.

I loved hearing our 2-year-old repeat different fish parts out loud. As soon as I heard him say “gills” and “dorsal fin” – I knew this ocean app was golden.

From the app developer:

Ocean and all our apps in the future will have a simple goal- to spark curiosity and to encourage questioning about important topics of the natural world.  Our “digital sandbox” allows for self-directed exploration, discovery and learning by doing.  There philosophy is that a child learns best when they are involved and by the way, we make that involvement a heck of a lot of fun.