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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case Review

Our favorite baby brand Fisher Price has developed an iPhone case and iPad case for kids!

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case

What if Fisher Price made an iPhone case? or a Fisher Price iPad case? Well guess what? They DO. And it’s BRILLIANT (well almost).

fisher price laugh and learn apptivity case review

As a parent who totally embraces technology with my children, the biggest hiccup is keeping our products from being destroyed. Any parent who hands their kid their iPhone or iPad KNOWS what’s at risk when children are at play! (Check our our list of iPad Cases for Kids)

fisher price ipad case

The Pros

Leave it to Fisher Price to develop a case for iPods and iPhones for kids. The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity case is made with your child in mind. It looks like a toy and allows your iDevice to be unharmed when thrown or dropped.


The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case for iPod Touch or iPhone will cost you around $15. This is about as much as a typical iPhone or iPod case.

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case for iPad will cost you around $35.


This case will most definitely protect your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Kids Love It

Your kids will love this! This is great if you have an iPod for your child – just throw this in your purse and enjoy quiet time while out, while your child plays!

Kid Pushing Buttons on iPhone Screen

This is annoying for you, but with your kid – this feature is great. The plastic protection makes it hard for your kid to push buttons on the screen.

The Cons

Volume Control

The volume needs to be adjusted before you put this into the case.

Camera Inaccessible

Unfortunately, the back facing camera is unusable with this case. My toddler doesn’t quite get how to change to the front facing camera and gets annoyed with the pitch black screen.

fisher price iphone case

Fisher Price Apptivity Case Review

Overall, I think if you have a spare iPod Touch or iPhone that you let your toddler or baby use – this is a good investment. If you are looking for a more functional iPhone case or iPod Touch case that offers protection, most definitely check out the Otterbox series.