7 Inspiring Waitress Quotes from Stage & Film

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Diving into the world of The Waitress quotes unveils a treasure trove of wisdom, humor, and the raw realities of life seen through the eyes of those serving up more than just meals in musicals and movies.

These quotes offer a glimpse into the nuanced experiences of waitresses, capturing their struggles, triumphs, and the unspoken bond they share with their customers.

Waitress Quotes from the Movie and Musical

If you aren’t familiar with Waitress, do yourself a favor and watch the movie! The amazing Sara Bareilles wrote the original music and lyrics, so you know it’s going to be amazing.

Best waitress quote from the musical and movie

I’ve been streaming the Waitress soundtrack in preparation for opening night (p.s. it’s free with Amazon Prime!)  Another fun fact, the creative team behind the musical, is all-female! 

Whether it’s a line that makes you laugh, think, or feel inspired, each quote is a snapshot of the life behind the counter, revealing the depth and diversity of the waitress experience.

It’s comforting how somethings never change.

While change is constant, there is comfort in the norm.

Waitress quotes

Dreams come and they go, but hold them and keep them and know that you need them.

Just because the dream you have isn’t happening today, doesn’t mean that it won’t tomorrow. Keep dreaming.

Waitress quotes

Everything changes.

The only constant is change. Embrace it, pivot and roll on.

Waitress quotes

We’re all just looking for a little less crazy, and sometimes it’s a hard left turn down a road you’d never thought you’d see.

Sometimes life takes you on a route you would never expect. Enjoy the ride.

Waitress quotes

How fast time goes by and life can change in the blink of an eye.

Waitress quotes

Chance won’t come every single day, so don’t throw it away.

Live each day and take each change that comes your way.

Waitress quotes

It feels so good to be bad.

Sometimes being bad is good – just don’t do anything illegal or that will have long-term consequences.

Waitress quotes