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All Things Minecraft

Minecraft, the game that my kids and husband won’t stop playing. This beloved game has won over the hearts and stolen hours of quality time from many families. I kid, well kind of.  

Truth be told, as much as screen time can be a burden on family time – my husband has taken up playing Minecraft! He setup a family Minecraft server so that the whole family (sans mom) can play, build and now bee-keep on Minecraft!

All Things Minecraft

Here at Digital Mom Blog, we have written quite a bit about this game and how much our kids play it.

As our kids age, I keep thinking maybe they will outgrow playing Minecraft, but we are going on over 4 years where the kids and my husband all play. No such luck! It continues to grow in popularity, attracting new audiences each and every day.

Minecraft Posts

From facts to crafts to gift ideas, here are all things Minecraft!

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