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Bake and Play Cafe – Dallas, TX

Sad news friends, – Bake and Play Cafe Dallas closed per Yelp! I KNOW, WAH! But if you are thinking of opening a bake and play cafe type restaurant eatery that kids can play while you eat, here is what happened here in the Dallas location. 

Let’s just pause for a moment. 

  • If you are a mom who would love to go to lunch with your friend and not be fighting a child the whole time. This post is for you.
  • If you are a working mom, who needs an extra hour of uninterrupted focus time. This post is for you.
  • If you are parents, who would love to have a date night without having to worry about the kids. This post is for you.
  • If you like good food. This post is for you.
  • If you are looking to throw a fun kid’s birthday party in Dallas, TX. This post is for you.

Even if none of those apply, if you enjoy a good idea – check out this brilliant new business..


Bake and Play Cafe

Bake and Play Cafe is a cafe that serves amazing dishes, offers free wi-fi and has a 1600 sq foot play area. Good food? INTERNET? Kids happy? What more do we need. Oh that’s right – as of now, only us Dallas folks are privy to this awesomeness.

Play Area

play area bake and play cafe

There is a admission fee for the play area. Don’t let that deter you. By paying admission, you know this place is clean and that the area is SUPER fun. This isn’t a McDonald’s playground.


We were served various dishes to taste and try and I have to say, all were yummy – but here are a few of my faves.

alfredo pizza at take and play cafe

Bake and Play Cafe has hands down, the best Alfredo pizza I’ve ever had.


And check out this salad! Yes, the toppings and dressing are all served in this darling muffin tin. How brilliant is THAT!


This was a sample of hummus, pimento cheese (made with sun-dried tomatoes OMG NOM) and egg salad. All delish!

Birthday Parties


If you are looking for a fun kids birthday party idea in Dallas, TX – Bake and Play is YOUR place. There is a great party room that has a window overlooking the play area. All you have to do is show up! For party favors, they offer chef hats and aprons. There are various party activities and packages to choose from.

Check out this candy bar. Talk about serious fun!


The boys had a blast decorating cookies.


Go Go Trick or squeeZ

go go trick or squeez
And to top off our trip off, Go Go squeeZ made our house the house that every parent wants to send their kid to on Halloween by hooking us up with Go Go squeeZ for trick or treaters!

Thanks Bake and Play Cafe and Go Go squeeZ for having us out!

Bake and Play Cafe
6434 E. Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX

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