Growing up, we used brown paper bags for indian costumes and made paper pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving. Yes, some will say it’s un-PC – blah, I know I know. Regardless, it’s what my childhood memories were made of. 

If you are looking to make a paper pilgrim hat, I found an awesome tutorial. 

Make a Paper Pilgrim Hat for Kids

Leave it to Martha to show us how to make these.

The paper Martha uses is 19×25 drawing paper, though construction paper should work just fine. She also uses glue dots, because MARTHA. You could use hot glue, or tape just as well. 

Download Template

Here is the template to download


Trace it onto your paper.

Cut and Glue

Cut out the buckle and cut out the silhouette of the hat. You will want to fold up the brim. 

Cut a headband and put the inside the fold of the brim – here is where the glue dote, tape, or what-have you will come in. You want to glue the buckle onto the hat – above the brim and wrap your headband around head. Secure it with the glue dot or tape. 

pilgrim hat

Click here for the complete tutorial. 


Looking for some Thanksgiving things to do with kids?