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Toddler Silence is Scary

Silence is golden… unless you have a toddler. In that case silence is very suspicious. TRUE THAT.

Quiet Toddlers = No Good

Anytime we have quiet toddlers, there is something up.  While there are a few rare occasions that the quietness is because they are asleep, most of the time silence equals destruction.

quiet toddlers mean trouble

We have had walls colored, drapes pulled down, toilets plunged, bath tubs filled with clothes and then filled, pantries raided and countless other messes all due to toddler silence.

If your toddler goes quiet, be suspicious. It’s for your own sanity. Parenting toddlers isn’t for the weak!!

Toddler Silence

Want to see a real life example of when toddler silence is scary. Thankfully I have older kids that can help clue me into what the toddlers are up to. 

Here is our son, sneaking around eating an ICE CREAM! HOW and WHERE he got the ice cream, I have no idea. But he is OBSESSED with sugar, particularly these chocolate ice cream pops. 

Good thing he is cute, right? I say that often about my toddlers. 

What Toddler Messes Have Been Created At Your House Due To Toddler Silence?

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