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Toddler Appetites – what you need to know about your toddlers eating style

Let’s talk about toddler appetites. I have had a toddler who wouldn’t eat. I have had a toddler who was a picky eater. And now I have a toddler who will eat non-stop.

Toddler Appetites

toddler appetites
toddler appetites - Toddler Appetites - what you need to know about your toddlers eating style

Welcome to another round of Toddler Talk. Good news, if you are reading this – you have survived another week of having a toddler! It apparently can be done, as I have 2 older kids. We can do this, we just have to stick together and not let the little people win! Today’s toddler talk is all about toddlers and eating. Let’s get chatting.

Toddler Who Won’t Eat

When our 2nd child was had a toddler appetite of one that won’t eat – at least not much. He was a thin kid -and still is, though now that he is 7 his appetite is normal  

During those toddler years it was so frustrating with him not wanting food. He was in day care and while the teacher wrote down what he ate, we could never get a good judgement on how much actual food he had for the day.

The last thing you want is a hungry child, but when your toddler doesn’t eat, what do you do?

Toddler Who is a Picky Eater

Our first child was a total picky eater. She was born that way, I swear! We tried her on 5 different formulas before she found one that she liked. As soon as she started eating solids, she knew what she wanted and didn’t want anything else.

When it came time to feed her table food, she wanted spaghetti. I think if we fed her that during every meal, she would of been happy. Unfortunately, I am of the mindset that I’m not making 3 meals to make everyone happy.

The doctor told us with both of our older kids, as long as they are gaining weight, not to worry too much about it.

Toddler With a Huge Appetite

I should start this off with saying that our toddler – Izaiah is not fat. He’s husky, but there is no way you would look at him and think, that boy eats too much. Most people think he is at least 4 years old. He just has height and mass. Oh, and an appetite that really does not stop.

Big Appetite

Izaiah was born with a fierce appetite. If I had been able to breastfeed, I don’t think I could of ever supplied this little dude enough milk.

He would cry and cry as a baby, until we figured out he was just hungry. I remember telling the doctor he is averaging 12 bottles a day and she gave me this look of fear.

This is Izaiah finishing off his 3rd banana. He had his breakfast already, and he hadn’t been up but maybe 30 minutes, when down the hatch goes the bananas. I’m not the one feeding him these. I’ll feed him 1.

He is so tall he can grab things off the counter. Plus he has 2 older siblings that would rob a bank for him if he just said “PEASE”. So I am sure they contribute to his daily intake.

toddler who eats
toddler who eats - Toddler Appetites - what you need to know about your toddlers eating style

Healthy Snacks

Something we do try to do is make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks for him to eat. Bananas are by far his favorite. Our family goes thru around 10 lbs a week. Crazy? I think so and I don’t even eat bananas!

Another favorite is Go Go Squeeze apple sauce. They are perfect on the go, and our baby can eat them as well.

Eating on the Go

We recently road tripped to Austin. Whenever we road trip, I always bring a bag of food as we try to stay somewhere with a kitchen area or at least a mini-fridge.

With a family of 6, anytime we can cut expenses – such as not buying gas station snacks helps!

We were riding along, and I thought all the kids were sleeping. All of a sudden the smell of bananas hit me. I looked back to see that Izaiah had found the food bag and had bananas in both hands.  Why eat 1, when you can eat 2!

eating in the car
eating in the car - Toddler Appetites - what you need to know about your toddlers eating style

Oh toddler of mine, how I love you. If this appetite keeps up, we may not be able to afford a mortgage payment.

This kid is VERY active and we plan on keeping him that way as long as he is eating as much as he does. We affectionately kid that he’s a honey badger. The dude will eat anything, including a cobra.

I’m interested to see what our baby who is quickly turning into a toddler becomes as far as an eater goes. He is showing signs of honey badger in training. Gee, great. We are forever broke.

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