5 Easy Tips to Styling the Mob Wife Trend

2024 Mob Wives Style Guide Learn how to achieve this hot fashion trend that is sweeping the internet!

Guide to Dressing Like a Mob Wife

The hottest fashion trend to hit the internet in 2024 is the Mob Wife aesthetic. We are showing you how to get the look for less in 5 easy steps.

Black, Leather, Leopard and Lace

When shopping for clothes or digging through you closet, look for clothes that are black, leopard print (or other animal print), leather or lace.

Step One

Gold Jewelry is a Must

Silver is out when it comes to the Mob Wife style. We are doing gold jewelry. Think chunky gold necklaces, big gold hoops and gold bracelets, of course!

Step Two

The Faux Fur Coat

Every mob wife has the vintage fur coat, but in 2024 we are doing a faux fur jacket. Keep it black or go with the leopard print. Ideally, you want the coat to be long.

Step Three

Mob Wife Boots

The ultimate mob wife look is the knee high heeled black boots. This pair completes the mob aesthetic and is perfect for winter.

Step Four

Big Hair is a Must

Step Five

Our final Mob Wife style tip is for hair. We are going big in 2024 hair trends. Think big curls, butterfly wings and lots of hair spray.

Mob Wife Makeover Complete!

Get more Mob Wife aesthetic tips, including accesories, makeup tips and links to the best finds below.

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