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Best Bernie Mitten Memes

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Bernie mitten memes featuring the one and only Bernie Sanders sitting in the cold, socially distanced at the inauguration.

The Beginning of the Bernie Mittens Meme

It all started so simple. There he was. Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont attending the inauguration of Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States. Or so he thought. How it began… Bernie mittens chair meme – it’s funny how this whole thing innocently unfolded.

bernie sanders sitting with mittens
The inauguration image that sparked a bazillion Bernie mittens memes

While Bernie is all politics and could care less about fashion, none the less he has become a viral meme by just sitting in the cold, masked in his mittens.

Favorite Bernie Mitten Memes

These cold Bernie mitten memes are a viral hit. Since we are all about funny memes, we knew that these had to be shared.

Since our original post, the viral memes about Bernie’s mittens hasn’t stopped. So that means we added more Bernie Sander memes for you!

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Oh Bern, sitting there with the shrunken head from Beetlejuice.

bernie mitten meme beetle juice
Bernie Sanders meme chair has moved him to a couch.

Splash Mountain Bernie

It’s been a busy 48 hours. The Bern hit up Disney’s Splash Mountain! Good job with the mask, B!

bernie sanders disney meme

What’s on Mike Pence’s Head

Who can forget the 2020 debate where what we thought was a fly landed on Mike Pence’s head. Little did we know…

mike pence ly meme bernie sitting
Maybe that wasn’t a fly on Mike Pence’s head!

Inauguration Fashion

What other girls look like at the inauguration vs what I look like.

other girls bernie mittens look meme
Who knew this look would go so viral?

Dress Like Bernie Sanders – Steal His Look

Speaking of Inauguration 2021 fashion. You can now steal Bernie Sander’s inauguration look. From the handmade mittens, to the blue surgeon mask, brown wingtip oxford shoes, yellow 9×12 envelope, warm winter coat.

steal his look bernie influencer meme

Yes, you too can dream to be a viral meme that just won’t stop because of your simple Inauguration style.

Capitol Raid Meme

Good news, this idiot from the United States Capitol raid was arrested. And thankfully he didn’t get the Bern!

bernie capitol raid meme

Bernie and the Golden Girls Meme

I can only imagine what Sophia from the Golden Girls would be telling him. I also imagine that Bernie and Blanche would butt heads.

golden girls meme bernie in mittens

Joe Thing

Bernie in his mittens with his strict 2021 Inauguration agenda. 11:00 Joe’s Thing, sounds just like something that would be on his schedule.

joe thing bernie sanders meme

Girl Scout Cookies Meme about Bernie

When you need someone to sit at the Girl Scout cookies stand, call in Grandpa Bernie. He is dressed perfect for the occasion.

bernie girl scount cookies meme

Bernie on Seinfeld

Here are our favorite picks for BEST Bernie Mitten memes.

bernie mittens meme seinfeld

On Elaine’s couch, sits Bernie while Jerry and Kramer question his presence

Muppets Grumpy Old Men Meme.

This maybe my favorite Bernie mittens meme. As much as I love Bernie Sanders, he does come off as a grumpy old man. So here sits Bernie, next to the beloved grumpy Muppet man who sits in the balcony.

bernie mittens meme muppets

Bernie Phone Home

Sitting in Elliot’s bicycle basket, E.T. has been replaced with Bernie.

bernie mittens meme et

With Friends

The Friends cast is getting back together for a reunion show, might as well thrown Bernie in the mix.

bernie in mittens friends memes

Bernie at the Last Supper

WWJD, invite Bernie Sanders to the last supper – maybe.

last supper bernie meme
Hanging with Jesus, Bernie Sanders mittens make an appearance at the Last Supper.

Lincoln Feels the Bern

And there Bernie Sanders was. As Abraham Lincoln spoke, Bernie sat there cross legged watching with his mittens on, of course.

lincoln bernie meme

Bernie on the Ellen Show

Bernie making an appearance locked outside of Ellen Degeneres’ house. Looks like he didn’t make the cut to be on Ellen show.

bernie sanders mittens meme ellen

Where is Bernie

Who cares about Waldo, let’s find Bernie Sanders in mittens.

wheres bernie sanders mitten meme
Where is Bernie Sanders?

Freezer Bern

This was shared on our Texas Winter Memes after Sanders was spotted as a Bernie snowman!

Bernie Sanders Mittens

Freezer BERN!

Best Bernie Sanders Mittens Tweets

Here are a few more Bernie Sanders mittens memes from Twitter tweets.

J-Lo, Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks all performed at the inauguration, but who gets the most press? Bernie Sanders and his mittens, of course.

How Game of Thrones should have ended. Yes, I agree.

Bernie Sanders Ghost Funny

Alright, this was when I realized this mitten meme thing was going to be huge. First, it was the Bern with Forest Gump. But then see Bernie Sanders Ghost gif. I lost it.

Bernie in Ghost with Demi Moore – too much funny.

Make a Bernie Sander Mitten Meme

Here are a few ways that you can make your own Bernie mitten meme!

Download Blank Bernie Meme

Download this photo of Bernie Sanders in mittens and place in the graphic of your choice.

blank bernie meme
just download this blank bernie image to make your bernie mitten meme

Blank Bernie PNG

This blank Bernie mitten image is a transparent PNG so you will be able to plop him in your photo since the background is already removed.

Bernie Sanders Meme Generator

Make cold Bernie appear wherever with this easy meme maker. Just put in your address, hit submit and your favorite socialist will pop up wherever you want him to!

make bernie meme generator
Make a Bernie Meme!

Story Behind Made Bernie Sanders Mittens

Bernie Sanders became an unintentional meme as he was sitting along, masked in the cold at Biden’s inauguration. Bernie, being the representative from Vermont is use to the cold but those Bernie Sanders mittens have a heart warming story!

Mitten Handmade by a Teacher

Jen Ellis, a second grade teacher from Essex Junction, Vermont gifted Bernie mittens that she makes from wool sweaters. Yes, these are upcycled mittens!

When you are a maker of things, when you create things — art or clothes or whatever you make — you never know where they’re going to go. And the fact that these mittens were made with the sewing machine my mother gave me when I was 12 years old and with wool that somebody else had thrown away, and they made it all the way to one of the most historic inaugurations of my lifetime … ” she said, her voice trailing off. “It just delights me.”

Jen Ellis talking to the washington post

Mittens Like Bernie Sanders

Get your own, not exact but similar mittens like Bernie Sanders. Who knew Bernie would be such a fashion trend setter? Here are a few mitten options to help keep your fingers warm and feeling the BERN.

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