25 Beauty DIY Gifts – Perfect for Christmas!

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Looking to make beauty DIY gifts this year? Here’s the post you’ve been looking for! Rather than buying all your family members and friends Christmas gifts this year, why not make them? Don’t look at me like I am CRAZY, I am for real! And I have a whole list of things for you to make – with instructions to guide you along the way.

Last year my sister made peppermint bath scrub and it the homemade scrub was amazing! I only have a wee bit left and have already tried to hit her up to make more.

diy beauty gifts

I’ve rounded up 25 beauty DIY gifts for you to make. Here are a plethora of ideas, find one that matches your personality and gives the gift with love. These are perfect for using essential oils with. 

Beauty DIY Gifts

Tea Tree and Mint Homemade Foot Scrub from Bohemian Kate

Homemade Coconut Salt Scrub from Wonky Wonderful

Homemade Makeup Pad Removers from The Coconut Mama

DIY Hair Mask from Mrs. Three in Three

The Lemon Face Scrub from Thirty-one 10


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5 thoughts on “25 Beauty DIY Gifts – Perfect for Christmas!”

  1. Great list of gift ideas for mother’s day. You have shared many DIY ideas for the readers. It adds more value to these gift ideas because we can make this according to their likes such as fragrance, ingredients and others. As mother’s day is coming soon, this will be a worth reading for everyone.

  2. Hey that’s fantastic – not only you have a bunch of valuable info here but you even gave the links to amazon to the jars that are cute. Well done!

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