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Angry Birds Golden Eggs Cheats – Let Us Help You Find Them ALL!

Angry Birds Golden Eggs Cheats – are you looking for them? Let’s help you find them all!

There are 27 golden eggs (technically 26 golden eggs and 1 golden football). Use these Angry Bird Golden Eggs cheats to unlock the golden eggs in your game.

If you are working your way thru the levels, make sure to check out our Angry Birds walkthrough and cheats for all levels and worlds!

Find the Angry Birds Golden Eggs

Here’s where to find the Angry Birds Golden Eggs. Don’t stress hours over finding these, we’ve rounded up each location of the Golden Eggs – all 27! Yep, we even have the golden football.

Angry Birds Golden Eggs CheatsGolden Eggs #1-15

Angry Bird Golden Eggs Cheats – Here you can find Golden Eggs  #1-15

Golden Egg #16

Here is #16! Easy peasy with this tutorial!

Golden Eggs #17

Egg number 17, coming right at you.

Golden Eggs #18

Here you go, number 18!

Golden Eggs #19

Looking for Golden Egg #19, we’ve got it – right here.

Golden Eggs #20

#20 – Top RIGHT!

Golden Eggs #21

We are getting there, on to number 21.

Golden Eggs #22

Egg 22, where are you?

Golden Eggs #23

Here’s how to do it!

Golden Eggs #24

24 is here, you are almost there!

Golden Eggs #25

Golden Eggs #26

And the last Golden Egg – #26.

Golden Football Invisible Egg Location

Random fact: The location for this secret Golden Football – invisible egg was revealed in an Angry Birds Rio commercial during the Super Bowl!

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